Hypeworthy | MØ: “Pilgrim” (Premiere)

If you’re familiar with “dog years”, then let me introduce you to a similar concept called “blog years”. It’s generally said that one dog year is the equivalent to seven dog years, a fitting concept and also a fitting number since IGIF is close to approaching it’s seventh year of digital existence. Birthday party planning committee aside, being around for seven years doesn’t come without a few side effects of aging. Instead of having a hearing aide and bad back, I’ve now got Brita filters for eardrums and carpal tunnel. If you’re a visual learner, I felt like I’ve gone from a young Merlin to a tokingly contemplative Gandalf.

While a combination of “real life” and Gandalfesque posturing have skewed my own posting habits into the quality over quantity focus, there are still these out-of-nowhere artists that appear from thin air repaving the avenue connecting my ears to my heart. Hailing from Copenhagen, is a solo artist I’ve been incredibly high on the past week. To my knowledge she has: two songs, one leopard print jumpsuit, and a sound that guarantees a promising future. Will MØ get comparisons to Grimes? Yes, she has the artsy solo artist thing down pat but Grimes excels in hushed eccentricities while MØ thrives on a larger sound; big brass, urban shouts, soaring melodies, and punching percussion. Channel your energetic young Merlin, all you have to do is push play:

– Pilgrim

MØ is old Norse for maiden or virgin, it’s also Norwegian for the sound a cow makes but I’m sticking with the former for artistic positioning. I love this track, love where her sound could head, and am chomping at the bit for more music off her forthcoming debut. The chorus refuses to get out of my head and so does the perfect blend of organic instrumentation fused with glitchy synth. She’s coming stateside for some shows during CMJ next week and I’ll be there to sample MØ in real life. Check out another awesome track on YouTube, follow MØ on Twitter, and learn how to type Ø on your keyboard (option + O).

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