Premiere | Streets of Laredo’s Vol. II EP

Streets of Laredo band music

Streets of Laredo are Brooklyn babies by way of New Zealand. They made their way around the CMJ circuit last month and turned a many heads, including the two ears attached to my own. Energetic live music doesn’t always translate well to recorded renditions (RIP, Gobble Gobble) but that doesn’t seem to the be case for this band of hooligans. They flirt on the border of folk music, seeping their musical tea-bags in the twang of hot water just long enough before ripping it out with triumphant melodies. The only problem is that they rip the tea-bag so hard, it’s left seeping in the twang a bit longer before they spoon it out with enough reverb to leave one’s head spinning.

I’ve got two things for you to do. 1. Listen to the premiere of their second EP Vol. II exclusively below. 2. Take a wild guess as to what I was doing when I was listening to, then, writing this post.

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