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Our open submission policy used to be a lot easier to handle seven years ago but now we’ve got to set some strict boundaries: We will delete, blocklist, and spamify any PR mailing lists we’ve been subscribed to without our opting-in. Technically it’s illegal and it’s totally not cool.

If you’re a publicist, booking agent, manager, etc, you can avoid the trash by sending us personally addressed emails that avoid form emails and get straight to the point. Maybe it’s too much to ask… I mean, your job involves contacting thousands of people about your bands! Yeah, that’s the reality, and yes it’s a thousand times more work to avoid a mailing list, but no one said being a publicist isn’t really really hard, thankless work most of the time. That’s just the way it is.

If you’re a band wanting to submit a demo or send a few songs for us to check out, use the email and mailing address below. We’re lovers of digital and saving you money on postage, and CDs will rarely get opened but vinyl will always find a turntable. Send us streams otherwise! We try to respond to most inquiries, but most of the time the ole inbox gets packed and we can’t get to everything. We’ll generally post something if we like it so if you’ve submitted some tunes, watch the site for an update because responses can be few and far between.

  • EMAIL: submissions [at] iguessimfloating.net
  • MAIL: I Guess I’m Floating
    458 Wickenden Street #2L
    Providence, RI 02903

If you’re interested in advertising on IGIF or collaborating in one way or another, please use this email address:

  • EMAIL: advertise [at] iguessimfloating.net
To get in touch with Connor:

  • EMAIL: connor [at] iguessimfloating.net
  • TWITTER: igifconnor
To get in touch with Nathaniel:

  • EMAIL: nathaniel [at] iguessimfloating.net
  • TWITTER: Gravely

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