[Hypeworthy] Murals: “Eyes of Love”

Love isn’t a word that I use lightly, even when referring to new bands. However, Murals are a new outfit that came out of left field and I am completely in love with them. This quartet crafts delicious melodies and pastoral pop that reminds me of James Mercer’s younger years or what soundtracking Brain William’s family tree would be like if you bounced around branch by branch. Another thing tugging at my heartstrings? Murals hail from my native Kentucky! Based in Louisville, they’re prepping to release a 10″ titled On A Passing Cloud that sounds fantastic. Check out “Eyes of Love” right now:

How comforting is this song? How many places can you hear this track being played? Something about “Eyes of Love” is so soothing and appealing that it’s destined to trickle down into all the right audible cracks and crevices. What’s even better is that Murals aren’t a one-trick pony, they’ve crafted eight tracks that certainly contain a sound all their own but are experimental enough to keep your ears alive. Hear more tunes and pre-order the goodness here.

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