MP3 | new Secret Mountains: “High Horse”

It’s no secret that I’ve been loving Secret Mountains for a long time. It’s also no secret that I love me some cheesy puns! In all sonically kick-ass seriousness, the Baltimore band stopped by Shaking Through in Philly to record a new track titled “High Horse” that can be found on their forthcoming LP. “High Horse” is a brooding, beautiful track that’s as much as about frustration as it is feeling your way through tough times that can numb your senses. It’s a slow burn that won’t pop melodies into your head like confetti on New Year’s but will tug at your emotions like being alone on the same perennial stroke of midnight.

Secret Mountains – High Horse

Wanna know what the song is about? See how it was made in two days? Go behind the scenes with beautiful HD footage? Procrastinate during your day job? Click the link below to watch the Shaking Through session!

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