[MP3] Hundred Waters: “Me & Anodyne”

With another troupe of Gainesvillians coming out from hiding, it’s official: that little Florida city is now Brooklyn’s sister city (take that, Duhok, Iraq!).

Hundred Waters has a backstory as lively as their music: they share the stage (literally) with Levek, but while David Levesque is on hiatus the majority of the band sought refuge for their own musical aspirations and creative outpouring. Away from the sticky heat of the Florida sun, tucked away in their Gainesville home, Hundred Waters was born, per their bio, “through a method of remote collaboration and thoughtful solitude, reconvening at the helm to gather their threads into rope, and pull.” How sublime.

Hundred Waters – Me & Anodyne

Holy whoa, okay… I’m trying to avoid hyperbole here, but I’ve got to say this is some of the most polished, accomplished, and put-together music I’ve heard from a new band in a very, very long time. “Me & Anodyne” sounds as good as, or better than, what I would expect from a new Dirty Projectors album with a $30,000 budget and a world class producer. It’s oozes from every sonic pore a purity and honesty that’s absent from a lot of what I hear on a daily basis. Hundred Waters dont’ sound like they want to be anyone besides who they are, as if they’re making the songs that the combination of their skills and desires and the fruits of their collaboration had preordained them to make. It’s a really wonderful thing when you stumble on something that sounds like this — a rarity, even in 7 years of blogging. I can pretty solidly guarantee that their upcoming debut LP will be just as spectacular because, well, there’s no way in hell a band could accidentally sound this good on just one song.

Hundred Waters is out on February 29th via Elestial Sound Records, and I’ll most certainly be snatching up the very first vinyl copy. Listen to a pair of new tracks at their Soundcloud page.

ps – If you ever get the chance to see them live, do it. I’ve only seen Levek but the degree of their collaboration on stage was phenomenal and most likely will remain the same even without David’s presence.

//end hyperbole

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