[MP3] Eli Mardock: “Everything Happens for the First Time”

The effects of nostalgia can be staggering. Touching, smelling, and (especially) listening to something sparking a nostalgic feeling can trigger a warm glow inside the pit of your stomach and turn your eyeballs into projectors of fond memories evaporating across your synapses as fast as they appeared. That feeling just happened to me this morning when five years of nostalgia in the musical making came soaring back via Eli Mardock. Mardock used to be the frontman of a band called Eagle Seagull, one of the first IGIF favorites found by Connor in December of 2005 – a mere month or so after IGIF launched! Eli is on his own now and, no surprise here, has crafted a handful of new gems including “Everything Happens for the First Time”:

Eli Mardock – Everything Happens for the First Time

Peppy piano, handclaps, and strings that crescendo like whitecaps on sea waves – his new single starts off with a feeling similar to Arcade Fire if you were to trade a dark and broody church recording studio for a summery session in the Grand Canyon. Even if your frontal lobe was as useless as a Blockbuster video store, you’d still be able to deduce that Mr. Mardock can compose a great, layered song like few others. More songs and deets on Eli’s solo LP right here.

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