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Sean Hayes

I’m still mourning the loss of Connor’s external drive, still praying to God/Department of Homeland Security for his 160 gig motherload to pull a Lazarus and rise from the dead. If I were to lose all my music, I would probably spontaneously combust or stab myself in the kidneys with a pair of butter knives.

However, the moment of silence can’t last damnit! This is a music blog for Christ/Rumsfeld’s sake!!

This artist has a voice, despite all of my pondering and debates with friends, that I just can’t peg. He sounds like someone I have heard or listened to and (for the life of me) can’t figure out who that person is. It was, and still is, driving me insane. Such is the effect of Sean Hayes. Perhaps it’s his all too familiar voice and pensive lyrics. Perhaps it’s his Art Garfunkel meets Wayne Coyne looks. In short, Sean Hayes is one hell of an artist. Already on his fourth album, Big Black Hole and the Little Baby Star, Hayes’ voice is incredible and his talent is nearly undeniable.

[MP3] Sean HayesCalling All Cars (Amazing Song – Highly Rec’d)
[MP3] Sean HayesFucked Me Right Up

I would check out his latest release and if you’re in CA catch him on tour. And no this is not the Sean Hayes that plays “Jack” on Will and Grace, but nice try.

Who do you think Sean Hayes sounds like, vocally? Drop a line, because I am drawing blanks.

You all know The New Pornographers and Carl Newman‘s solo work (under A.C., of course)…but have you heard Zumpano? This band just so happens to be Newman’s second band (his first was a covers band called Steel Heart), formed back in 1992. They released two full length LPs during the mid-nineties on Sub Pop to mild success.

As far as their sound is concerned, Zumpano is much more reminicient of Newman’s solo work than The New Pornos’, probably because of Neko’s absence. However, if you’re a fan of anything that Carl’s been a part of, you’ll definitely appreciate Zumpano.

[MP3] ZumpanoHere’s The Plan
[MP3] ZumpanoLet’s Fight
[MP3] ZumpanoMomentum

Look for more Zumpano here.
A whole bunch of Zumpano b-sides, covers, live, and more here.

Hey guys, sorry I’ve been out of the posting loop for a couple days. You see…I don’t know if I’ve mentioned this before (actually I do know, and I have), but I’m probably the biggest Elliott Smith fan you’ll ever come across. I’m not just boasting (is that really worthy of bragging rights?), it’s seriously an obsession. Part of this obsession is my quest to own every live recording of his that’s out there…over the past couple years I’ve collected around 135 recordings of his live shows….around 2,300 songs or so.

At around 4:00PM EST yesterday, disaster struck [one of] my external hard drive[s]. It just stopped working…dammit. 160 friggin’ gigabytes of movies, tv shows, music to blog, and most importantly all my Elliott Smith…all fucking gone. I’ll give you a minute to absorb that…I’m still not ready to accept it…but I must move on.

In any event, a lot of unlistened music [my "stash"] is inaccessible. I’m still trying for the love of allah to somehow fix the beast, but things aren’t looking too swell… I’ll probably post later on today, no doubt, but until then, here’s the only song that can express how I feel better than I can:

[MP3] Jeff BuckleyDido’s Lament (Live at Meltdown Festival 07/01/1995)


Ft. Lauderdale was nice, but I must admit that it is good to be back in ole’ KY. First off, massive kudos to Connor for posting some great music while I was off getting tan and tipsy. Secondly, and regretably, I did not get to attend Langerado. %&*#!! Yes, I am just as disappointed as you are. Although I did travel to the festival site only to stand 1/2 a mile away listening to what sounded like The Secret Machines. The 12,000 people inside sounded like they were having a blast, and with good reason. Langerado is only in it’s third year and has gone from a small Floridian concert, to a full scale regional (if not, national) festival attraction. Alongside it’s growing popularity, tons of sources have been praising the festival including the chumps over at Rolling Stone. If their kind words aren’t enough, then maybe you should just take a look at this picture to validify the sheer greatness of this year’s festival.

That’s a bubble walking Wayne Coyne from the Flaming Lips, if you were wondering. Damn! It’s ok, I have my tickets and anticipation for Bonnaroo and Lollapalooza holding me over. (Speaking of Lollapalooza, man oh man, what a great lineup they’ve thrown together. A very nice treat to return from break to, so I better see some of you guys there with me!)

Now, back to business. Let it be known that (somehow) in my lengthy absence, my post-worthy music collection has grown insuperably. I’m not quite sure how this phenomenon occurred, but I am oozing with music to give to everyone.

The Format are one of my favorite bands, and they should be one yours too! Despite the drought of music between LPs, they’ve managed to release B-Sides and hidden EPs that have kept everyone content. Their new album, Dog Problems, is receiving the final touches from their record label and should be slated for release relatively soon. They’re currently touring with Motion City Soundtrack along with a slew of their own headlining dates.

So enough about the news, let’s hear the music. They just released an Acoustic EP to those that are in their inner circle, with very little accompanying details. With a new album coming up, I would venture to say that only 1 or (at the most) 2 of these tracks appear on their new album. Regardless, they’re all brand new songs and performed so great acoustically, I’m almost nervous to hear them performed with a full band. (Check out the live video too!)

[MP3] The Format1000 Umbrellas
[MP3] The FormatPick Me Up
[MP3] The FormatThe Compromise
[MP3] The FormatWind That Blows
[MP3] The FormatShe Doesn’t Get It

[VIDEO] The FormatThe Compromise (Live Acoustic Video)

Be sure to look for their new album and catch them on tour for an unreal show. Also, they sent an email out asking for people to be their MySpace friend. Become allies with The Format at their MySpace!