O, Canada!

As if Queen Elizabeth II’s signing of the Canada Act, which severed virtually all remaining constitutional and legislative ties between the United Kingdom and Canada, (24 years ago – yesterday) wasn’t enough, Conor Oberst and crew have anounced a tour highlighting many hotspots up in the North.

06-04 Victoria, British Columbia – Royal Theatre
06-05 Vancouver, British Columbia – Malkin Bowl in Stanley Park
06-07 Edmonton, Alberta – Reds
06-08 Calgary, Alberta – MacEwan Hall
06-09 Saskatoon, Saskatchewan – Wheatlands “A”
06-10 Winnipeg, Manitoba – Burton Cummings Theatre
06-13 London, Ontario – Centennial Hall
06-14 Toronto, Ontario – Massey Hall
06-16 Manchester, TN – Bonnaroo
06-17 Omaha, NE – Memorial Park

Here are a few tracks from his last album, a series of live recordings titled Motion Sickness. One is a rare song that is on the elusive Home IV split he did in 2002.

[MP3] Bright EyesSouthern State (Rare song!)
[MP3] Bright EyesWe Are Nowhere and It’s Now
[MP3] Bright EyesRoad To Joy

His label and Pitchfork, both are hinting to a new release from Oberst in 2007.

I’m waiting on a few MP3s from bands that I really want to post about, so until I get those I am going to continue my cramming for my upcoming finals and leave you with two videos and their respective MP3s.

The first video is a hilarious homemade one from Ben Gibbard‘s old old solo project – All-Time Quarterback. This video really gave me some good chuckles, probably due to Gibbard’s somewhat awful acting.

[MP3] All-Time QuarterbackPlans Get Complex

Second is Sufjan Stevens. Among all the live recordings that are floating around on YouTube, Sufjan had me mesmerized during the entire length of this video. No flashy costumes, no special effects, no glamorous background.. just Sufjan and his banjo, as if he were to already know it was enough.

[MP3] Sufjan StevensFor the Widows in Paradise, For the Fatherless in Ypsilanti

Back to physics, ugh.

As if the shit hasn’t already been blogged out of +/-, now iGIF’s jumping on the bandwagon…and for good reason. Their upcoming release, Let’s Build A Fire, is the first album of theirs that I’ve ever listened to, and I’m more than impressed. I’d heard the widespread rumors about this band being “the next Arcade Fire“, a title that’s now become the cornerstone of slapstick, half-baked promotional slogans for many less-than-stellar bands, so of course I dismissed that chance right off the bat…but was still intrigued enough to listen to the band. Unlike many bands, +/- actually does have a prayer at being amongst the best of 2006. Believe it:

[MP3] Plus/Minus [+/-]One Day You’ll Be There
[MP3] Plus/Minus [+/-]Steal The Blueprints
[MP3] Plus/Minus [+/-]Summer Dress 2 [Iodine]

In other news… I’ve got a little bit of RIAA troubles…so, most of the songs posted by me [Connor] before April are down… hopefully I’ll have everything fixed this week. Don’t worry though, posts will continue as planned, and everything posted in April should be accessible.

I mentioned the Wolf Parade show I went to last Saturday…but did I mention how great their NEW SONGS that they performed are? Well yeah…they are… and it’s nice, because they’re pretty different from the songs on last year’s debut, but they’re still just as good. Well…some nice person recorded the show!!…so here they are, straight from the Wolf’s mouth:

[MP3] Wolf ParadeThings I Don’t Know (highly recommended)
[MP3] Wolf ParadeBones

It’s back to chemistry and romanticism for me, I’ll check back in with you cats tomorrow.

Hey all, sorry about my [Connor’s] lack of postage recently, it’s been pretty hectic since Tuesday; class registration, major declaration, symbolic castration (anything to get myself out of this rythmic situation!!)… Did I mention the CYHSY show last Wednesday? Anywho, I’ve got a slew of photos and whatnot from the last few shows I’ve been to, so I decided to hit up the ol’ iGIF photo blog to share them with you guys.

CYHSY @ Avalon, Boston, MA 4/12/06

This show was…alright. It actually can very easily be upgraded to “great,” if I don’t weigh in how little the crowd seemed to be enjoying themselves. I was pretty much right smack dab front and center, right at the doorstep of Alec’s hunched guitar playing and shimmy-shimmy side stepping, dancing my white suburban ass off, but no one around me seemed to care… I didn’t get bumped into, let alone touched, once! The performance was musically great, but lacked a little luster in the entertainment category…Alec: you really need to stop pretending like you don’t care…and if you don’t really care…then at least tell us! Say something!… Alas, I’m fighting the good fight but my opponent shant be seen ‘less a glance at my own reflection. Here are the photos:

Wolf Parade @ Lupo’s, Providence, RI 4/8/06

This was a great show. Depsite the fairly big venue, Wolf Parade pulled off a pretty spectacular show. And if you remember my tiny little post about it, there was a marching band that played amongst the crowd before WP went on, only later to join them on stage for “You Are A Runner…” and “Fancy Claps” — one of the coolest things I’ve witnessed at a show.