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There’s a time of year when it doesn’t feel like Spring and isn’t exactly Summer-feeling yet, either. It’s almost as if Mother Nature is too lazy to decide if she wants it to rain/snow/be windy/be 65 degrees outside. I’m not quite sure what you would call it… maybe a period of non-commital? Whatever the clever title, I have found the perfect artist to act as a soundtrack to the indecisive climate outside my window: David Poe.

Poe is the result of classic acoustic guitar playing blended with an almost too smooth voice. His songs have the capability to spill out ballad-esq stories, his raw talent not falling victim to sythesizers and excessive sound engineering. His acoustic-driven folk sound meets a bluesy voice and may remind some of you of Michael Bublé or Jeff Buckley. You can check out this trailer for his latest solo release – then check out these awesome tracks.

[MP3] David PoeReunion
[MP3] David PoeLove Is Red
[MP3] David PoeWilderness

He just wrapped up another US Tour and is heading back to the studio to record his next solo release, while also starting a band with members Duncan Sheik, Morgan Taylor, Matt Johnson, and Fil Krohnengold. Who knew that Poe and Sheik were good buddies that tour all the time together?? Although their “new rock group” will undoubtedly sound interesting (to say the least), you should be on the lookout for a live EP from Poe’s recently finished tour within the next month or so.

Be sure to check out his politically influenced screamo at his MySpace and his official site. If you like it, don’t hesitate to buy or download his album.

There have been a few copies of this song bouncing around from blog to blog, and after reading another article on her solo release, I figure I can turn my anticipation into a post. The estrogen lead of red hot Canadian band Stars is preparing for the launch of her solo album, Honey from the Tombs. There is a free song up for download on the web, though only for a limited time, so here are the first sounds of Amy Millan‘s solo efforts for you. Quite a resplendent song, actually.

[MP3] Amy MillanSkinny Boy

Despite the swooning Millan creates with her voice, she shed some personal light on the album in an older interview before Stars became a nuclear hot commodity over the last year.

Interviewer: I read that you have a solo album coming out this year, have you started recording that?

Amy Millan: Yeah, we’re working on release dates. It’s songs I had before I even joined Stars five years ago, so it’s not like it’s come from something. I haven’t really had any time to do anything other than play in Stars. There’s no song that’s younger than six years old on the record. So it is a solo project but it’s a project that I’ve had since before I joined Stars, and I just really needed to put the record out.

I: Do you still feel connected to the songs even thought they are so old?

AM: I’m calling the record “Honey from the Tomb” because [the songs] are so old, but I still love them. Like they are my children.

I: Is it gratifying to finally be able to release those songs?

AM: It’s sort of nauseating actually. But it’s gonna be great. It’s complicated to try to balance everything we do all the time — Broken, Stars and this — but I plan on playing folk festivals when I’m 45, so that’s really why I’m putting the record out.

So there you have it, straight from the beehive of Amy Millan herself. Be sure to check out her album when it hits Canadian shelves on May 30… and pray for a small solo tour that incorporates your city.

Just in case you missed it (just like I did), Beck offered up his cover of the Hank Williams classic “Your Cheatin’ Heart” streaming from his website. I know that the cover was released on a tribute album, but just in case you haven’t heard it, I ripped the stream into a more readily available mp3 for you guys:

[MP3] BeckYour Cheatin’ Heart (Hank Williams Cover)
Beck’s got a great eye/ear for covers…as I mentioned with his Nick Drake covers. He’s got the impressive, rare ability to retain much of what made the originals so great in the first place. In this case, it’s the slow, aimless draw of real country music, with Hank’s ever-flowing lyrics saving the song from misdirection.

More Beck here!

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Sean Hayes

I’m still mourning the loss of Connor’s external drive, still praying to God/Department of Homeland Security for his 160 gig motherload to pull a Lazarus and rise from the dead. If I were to lose all my music, I would probably spontaneously combust or stab myself in the kidneys with a pair of butter knives.

However, the moment of silence can’t last damnit! This is a music blog for Christ/Rumsfeld’s sake!!

This artist has a voice, despite all of my pondering and debates with friends, that I just can’t peg. He sounds like someone I have heard or listened to and (for the life of me) can’t figure out who that person is. It was, and still is, driving me insane. Such is the effect of Sean Hayes. Perhaps it’s his all too familiar voice and pensive lyrics. Perhaps it’s his Art Garfunkel meets Wayne Coyne looks. In short, Sean Hayes is one hell of an artist. Already on his fourth album, Big Black Hole and the Little Baby Star, Hayes’ voice is incredible and his talent is nearly undeniable.

[MP3] Sean HayesCalling All Cars (Amazing Song – Highly Rec’d)
[MP3] Sean HayesFucked Me Right Up

I would check out his latest release and if you’re in CA catch him on tour. And no this is not the Sean Hayes that plays “Jack” on Will and Grace, but nice try.

Who do you think Sean Hayes sounds like, vocally? Drop a line, because I am drawing blanks.