Rademacher is a band straight outta Compton, yo.

Ok.. not Compton but Fresno. Either way you look at it, minus being raised in the ghetto, these Californian rockers are currently entertaining my ears with their new EP Heart Machine. Their new four-track EP is full of some good melodies and guitar riffs that sound unrefined by the pressures of a mixing board. For those that haven’t listened to these guys – I would say their music may resemble the likes of Animal Collective, Birdmonster, or even The Walkmen. The band is really good at flirting with the fine lines of indie pop-rock and the sulking depths of baleful alternative rock.

[MP3] RademacherLast Letter Writer
[MP3] RademacherNever Gonna Hear From Me

They’re preparing to embark on a national tour pretty soon. So catch them if you can. In the meantime, go ahead and buy their Heart Machine EP. It’s only 4 bucks!!

Be sure to check back in a few hours. I have some sweet festival news!


As predicted, the devilishly devious Danielson is definitely determined to demonstrate his dominance. Sea-worthy? You bet your sweet sun-burnt asses, he is. Also as predicted, Pitchfork embraced Ships today with Best New Music honors, something they like doing occasionally, especially when it comes to impenetrable reviews raving over almost equally impenetrable music.

While Ships is certainly great, Daniel Smith’s vocals aren’t for everyone (content or squeal, pick your poison). Like Sufjan and labelmate Half Handed Cloud, the music is poppy, lush, orchestral, and holy freaking God-loving. If you haven’t taken a gander yet, now’s the time!

[MP3] DanielsonDid I Step On Your Trumpet?
[MP3] DanielsonTwo Sitting Ducks

Buy the crap out of this record here
You can listen to more MP3s here

Soooo, I’m still lower back-deep in finals, eating my way out of this hell hole. Soon, though, I’ll be out of here and free to rock the socks off of this blog. Look out guys, this summer is going to be spectacular, I’m being super serial!

It’s been a lengthy amount of time since our last dosage of Thursday-ian covers. You know what the say, 3 covers a week keeps the likes of Creed from making more music.

[MP3] LadytronOops, Oh My!
I’m not even sure how many covers/remixes Ladytron has done over the years but this one just may have to take the cake as the best. Anytime a band covers a hip hop song, it automatically gets props in my book. If you ask me, this version is waaay better than the original by Tweet. (Wtf kind of name is that, anyway?)

[MP3] Jack JohnsonLast Thoughts on Woody Guthrie
A lot of people have mixed feelings on Mr. Johnson. I enjoy his music because it’s the type of stuff that could bring you out of the realms of deep depression. In fact, if there was ever a jumper on some skyscraper that they were negotiating with; screw talking! Just put Jack on a PA and let him do his work. No suicide then. Covering Bob Dylan may be a stretch, but it turns out nicely. Plus, how many awful Bob Dylan covers can you think of?

[MP3] DonovanUniversal Soldier
Donovan is one of my all-time favorite artists. This Scottish folk-singer kicks so much musical ass that I feel unworthy of even speaking about him. He’s even categorized into the holy trinity of greatest songwriters with Bob Dylan and Woody Guthrie. One of the only artists to collaborate with The Beatles? I mean, with accolades like that.. I’m pretty sure you can cover a Buffy Sainte-Marie song anytime you want. A great Anti-Vietnam War song that remains lyrically true even today.

NPR has a good ear for music – or so they make it seem. Anyways, the Guillemots have been making a good name for themselves with their debut album From The Cliffs as well as opening for Rufus Wainwright in 2005.

To make a long story short, the Guillemots have officially been NPR-fied as of a month ago and pleased their listeners with a short set of music. I personally enjoyed the fact that all of their band members are from different parts of the world. It’s almost like the United Nations has their own personal band.

[STREAM] GuillemotsLive NPR Set (via World Cafe)

They also gave NPR a bonus song The Chosen One (even though it’s on it their debut CD) that reminds me a lot of Damien Rice. Maybe it’s their similar heritage?

[STREAM] GuillemotsThe Chosen One

If you’ve been reading iGIF for a while, you’ve undoubtedly seen many posts about Oh No! floating around. Aside from the money they give me for posting about them (I wish!), Oh No! Oh My! has easily entered my domain of favorite bands. I would think my enthusiastic posts on these guys should be some sort of a clue as to why I enjoy them so much. They’re full of energy and spunk in all the songs they make and those deadly combinations only amplify when they’re playing live.

For a band that has only played 2 shows prior to their Lexington show, both of which were acoustic sets inside coffee houses, they managed to take over the show and draw a large crowd. They breezed through their set with adoration from an energetic audience that only stood up for their act and their act alone. Witty banter ran amok between the band members, most of which came from their friend from Texas (Evan) who also busted out some crazy dance moves whilst playing guitar.

Below are two acoustic tracks I managed to capture with the audio from my video camera. Greg was singing and playing without a mic/amp (as pictured below) so if it sounds shoddy…uhh sorry? You can also watch a 4-minute video clip that I managed to capture before my camera lost video capabilities. It’s a clip of the band before playing their set, so it may bore some but I had fun taping and watching it. Then of course there are some pictures posted with a ton more on the next page! Enjoy the multimedia frenzy below!

[MP3] Oh No! Oh My!The Party Punch (Acoustic/Live @ Underlying Themes)
[MP3] Oh No! Oh My!Walk In The Park (Acoustic/Live @ Underlying Themes)

[MOVIE] Oh No! Oh My!Pre-Show Snippets

Just look at those dance moves!

After their set and a crazy performance by Ryland of The Robot Ate Me, Matt from YANP, Oh No!, and myself went to a local 24-hour joint called Tolly Ho. Those that reside in Lexington know of the infamous Ho and it’s many crazy drunkards that stroll in at 2 AM. We witnessed the very physical arrest of a frat guy for public urination, a band of hooligans come in screaming, talked of musical show tunes, and the dramatic events inside the blog world. All in all it was a great show and a great night; if you ever get the chance to see Oh No! Oh My! I would highly recommend checking them out.