If you’ve been reading iGIF for a while, you’ve undoubtedly seen many posts about Oh No! floating around. Aside from the money they give me for posting about them (I wish!), Oh No! Oh My! has easily entered my domain of favorite bands. I would think my enthusiastic posts on these guys should be some sort of a clue as to why I enjoy them so much. They’re full of energy and spunk in all the songs they make and those deadly combinations only amplify when they’re playing live.

For a band that has only played 2 shows prior to their Lexington show, both of which were acoustic sets inside coffee houses, they managed to take over the show and draw a large crowd. They breezed through their set with adoration from an energetic audience that only stood up for their act and their act alone. Witty banter ran amok between the band members, most of which came from their friend from Texas (Evan) who also busted out some crazy dance moves whilst playing guitar.

Below are two acoustic tracks I managed to capture with the audio from my video camera. Greg was singing and playing without a mic/amp (as pictured below) so if it sounds shoddy…uhh sorry? You can also watch a 4-minute video clip that I managed to capture before my camera lost video capabilities. It’s a clip of the band before playing their set, so it may bore some but I had fun taping and watching it. Then of course there are some pictures posted with a ton more on the next page! Enjoy the multimedia frenzy below!

[MP3] Oh No! Oh My!The Party Punch (Acoustic/Live @ Underlying Themes)
[MP3] Oh No! Oh My!Walk In The Park (Acoustic/Live @ Underlying Themes)

[MOVIE] Oh No! Oh My!Pre-Show Snippets

Just look at those dance moves!

After their set and a crazy performance by Ryland of The Robot Ate Me, Matt from YANP, Oh No!, and myself went to a local 24-hour joint called Tolly Ho. Those that reside in Lexington know of the infamous Ho and it’s many crazy drunkards that stroll in at 2 AM. We witnessed the very physical arrest of a frat guy for public urination, a band of hooligans come in screaming, talked of musical show tunes, and the dramatic events inside the blog world. All in all it was a great show and a great night; if you ever get the chance to see Oh No! Oh My! I would highly recommend checking them out.

Check it: The Argyle Wishlist are a criminally underrated indie pop band from Michigan whose sound is of the Islands flavor, particularly echoing Nick Diamonds‘ vocals and songwriting. I honestly don’t know why the bejesus hasn’t been blogged out of this band, but I guess you’ve got to start somewhere. I’ll lay the groundwork:

[MP3] The Argyle WishlistWe’ll Change Our Minds Eventually
[MP3] The Argyle WishlistLate Night, Early Day
[MP3] The Argyle WishlistYour Glockenspiel

Sorry for the lack of postage from me lately, all I’ve been able to have on my mind the past week is…[this is where I’m unable to think of anything I’ve learned this semester]. Ahhh, college.

Uno Momento

Last night was sweet with 6754 e’s.

Hanging out with Oh No! Oh My! and Matt (of YANP) was a blast. The show was phenomenal and was clearly stolen by Oh No!, which isn’t a bad thing at all. The next 8 months or so should be pretty awesome – seeing how Matt landed the booking stint at WRFL (UK’s student station) which gives cool people, like him and I, the ability to make an awesome show actually happen in Lexington. (See last night for example) I’ve got a review in store full of pictures and other supplemental material, that if arranged properly, should be a treat to see. I just need to get everything organized, so sit tight.

In the meantime here is another delicious B-Side from Oh No!’s drummer Joel! It’s based on the TV show Lost, so pay attention to the [hilarious] lyrics.

[MP3] Oh No! Oh My!Long Island

Lions! Tigers! And Chairs! Oh My!

The Sugarplastic

If you were one of the people wondering where in the hell the updates were yesterday – well… My modem exploded. Quite simply, I was without internet until about 15 minutes ago. No longer Amish, my modem is now functioning at full force and I can proceed to tell you about this crazy L.A.-based band called The Sugarplastic.

Back in April, I told you about my friend’s co-worker that would go on these road trips to various CD shops and get hundreds of CDs for $1 or less. Every month or so I plan on rummaging through some of these bands he comes up with and posting an odd story about this guy – of which there are thousands.

Story #1: What better way to keep busy on a slow day outdoors at a country club than to train a chipmunk who lives in the pool side garden? That is correct, he successfully trained a chipmunk to walk up to him and eat nuts out of his hand, but anyone can do that, right? So to really ice the cake he trained the chipmunk to walk up his leg and torso, and on to his shoulder where he would then feed the rodent from his mouth. Needless to say, working outside with this guy was always certain to be a good time.

Listening to them, you may think that they remind you of a twisted- more experimental version of a band like Bishop Allen. So without further ado I give you the eccentric and ultimately awesome band The Sugarplastic.

[MP3] The SugarplasticLittle Teeth
[MP3] The SugarplasticDon’t Sleep
[MP3] The SugarplasticAnother Myself

What a perky musical oddity, eh? Check out their offical site and buy one of their albums. They’re all pretty good.

I’m off to a sweet show tonight in Lexington with everyone’s favorite band Oh No! Oh My! and some others (i.e. The Robot Ate Me). Be prepared for ultimate coverage!

God bless SparkNotes, NoDoze, take-out, and these songs:

[MP3] BeirutAfter The Curtain
I’ve got to give praise to Beirut for such an appropriate ending to a near-perfect album. Not only does it give the pre-supposed illusion that, at 11 tracks in, everyone else really does enjoy it as much as you, but it actually dares to ask Eminem of all people what he’s planning on doing now that he released Curtain Calls! Ha! But seriously, how Eno is this song???

[MP3] Brian EnoThe Big Ship
Speaking of Eno… actually that was planned, and this is the song that I think sounds like the Beirut song. This is the first Eno song I’d ever heard, and it’s undoubtedly one of the best. So kudos, Beirut, you obviously know what’s up.

[MP3] Field MusicIf Only The Moon Were Up
I would have loved to have gotten into Field Music last year after their album’s release, but on the other hand I wouldn’t have known of the band’s obvious influence from Pet Sounds, which I just recently have become engorged in. This is the first track off of Field Music’s self-titled debut, and strongly echoes the melody-driven, harmonic, love-sick work of Brian Wilson and his Merry Pranksters. Try not to love it, I dare you.

It’s six-freakin’-thirty, I’ve been up all night studying Reaganomics, and I’ve got an exam in two-freakin’-hours. By the time you read this, I may already be dead. Send your love, flowers, witty eulogies, and thin mints to the comment box.