A quick post here. Band Of Horses played a short set for KEXP on April 13th. It sounds pretty much like what you’ll find on the album, but it’s worth a listen:

EDIT: Here’s a perfect example of the fact I need to start reading more blogs. Kevin over at So Much Silence kindly made aware the fact that he had not only ripped these songs, but had posted them about a month ago! So, complete credit goes to him, and complete apology comes from me.

[MP3] Band Of HorsesThe Great Salt Lake (Live)
[MP3] Band Of HorsesPart One (Live)
[MP3] Band Of HorsesWicked Gil (Live)
[MP3] Band Of HorsesThe Funeral (Live)

Bonus MP3:

[MP3] We Will BuildDirk

If you didn’t already know, Nathaniel and I are big Elliott Smith buffs. Call it obsession, maybe aided by post-mortum depression, but whatever…anyone that knows Elliott Smith’s music will agree –> it’s pretty hard not to be obsessed. So, for those of you who are admirers, fans, obsessives, and mere advocates alike, these rare, beautiful songs should suit you well:

[MP3] Elliott SmithBrand New Game
This Figure 8-era track was a fan favorite at a lot of his shows…probably because of its unusual (for Elliott) upbeat, rock piano-driven style. There’s some pretty skilled guitar playing in this one, not to mention drumming, etc, considering Smith played all the instruments.

[MP3] Elliott SmithEither/Or (No More)
This is the would-be title track from the Either/Or sessions. It’s a really amazing song, and the organ is a nice addition, but I’d say judging from the rest of the songs that made the album, it’s obvious why it was left off. It’s a shame, too, because it’s such a good song.

[MP3] Elliott SmithSons Into Daughters
Smith really had a knack for low-spirited songs that hit you like a punch in the gut, both lyrically and musically. This one probably came out of his Roman Candle days (originally) although I can’t help but draw connections with the opening lines to Elliott’s crazed dispute with 5-0 outside of that Flaming Lips show…

[MP3] Elliott SmithGoing Nowhere
Here’s one that reappeared in a studio-quality recording in late 2005 with the rest of the “FABOTH II” demos, leading a lot of fans to believe it was a front runner for the originally planned double disc FABOTH. It’s a beautiful, tragic song with Elliott showing once again his superior lyrical and guitar playing abilities.

[MP3] Elliott SmithBaby Britain (Alternate Instrumental)
This simple, beautiful, finger-plucked tune originally debuted in the 1997 documentary Lucky Three, showcasing Elliott in his private recording sessions. This is the original music behind “Baby Britain” which Elliott later replaced with the more rocking, piano-driven version we all know from XO.

[MP3] Elliott SmithStained Glass Eyes
This is probably my favorite unreleased Elliott Smith song… I’d say it’s most likely about Elliott’s deviation from whatever social norms he sees as constructed around him…but knowing Elliott, there’s probably so much more to it that I’m missing. In any event, the line “They can’t be people, not if I’m one / If I have to be like them I’d rather be no one” gets me every time.

[MP3] Elliott SmithTaking A Fall
Another Either/Or-era track that emerged again with the FABOTH II demos. If you can guess it, this song is pretty much about what the title suggests, with the usual metaphor. Not as strong as the others, and a little repetitive, but a good rarity nonetheless.

[MP3] Elliott SmithNo Life
Here’s another rock-ish Figure 8-era demo. It’s too late for me to have the volume loud enough to hear the lyrics well enough to interpret the song (deep breath), so…anyone wanna give a crack at it?

[MP3] Elliott SmithFigure 8
Here’s a Schoolhouse Rock-type song that was included as a b-side to the “Son Of Sam” single. A really eerie, winding, mystery of a song…that at least proves Elliott’s math ability. Reminds me a lot of “Bye” which I’ve come to like more and more upon each subsequent listen.

Bonus MP3:

[MP3] DangerDoomKorn Dogs (NEW! and highly rec’d)

There is little doubt left in the heart of bloggers that Radiohead has been causing more Hype than Kanye West at a Hurricane Katrina benefit.

It’s easy to see why, too. A new album in the works, new songs leaking faster than hot air out of Scott Stapp, an un-solo album by Thom, and a one month love affair (known as the North American Radiohead tour) that sold out faster than TicketFuhrer could operate. I’ve been getting my hype on with Radiohead recently, preparing for their new album like a nuclear attack was about to ravage my town. I’ve got all the necessary supplies: tickets to a concert, all the bootlegs and B-Sides I can find, enough lemons to suck on for weeks, and a strand of Thom Yorke’s hair. Well, here is another new (darker) track from their show in Blackpool (May 13) to fuel their own personal Hype Machine:

[MP3] RadioheadGo Slowly

On top of the new tracks – there is an entire new show that has surfaced. It was just recorded in Copenhagen on May 6! The track listing is as follows:

Everything In It’s Right Place
Planet Telex
Bangers and Mash
Open Pick
Karma Police
Black Star
15 Step
Street Spirit
Wolf At The Door
The Bends
4 Minute Warning
Pyramid Song
House Of Cards
There There
You And Whose Army
Let Down
Paranoid Android

The entire show is available for download here. Who knows how long it’ll be up?

Also, check out Thom Yorke’s new site for his upcoming release, The Eraser. There is cool/cryptic game you can play with a “filing system” to figure out things about the record. Then having a cool poster/cover like this:

Won’t usually hurt things.

I’ve been meaning to post on L.A.’s Irving for a while now. They’re a potentially O.C.-worthy indie rock/pop band generating all sorts of buzz within the indie community. They’ve toured with Tapes ‘n Tapes, Voxtrot, Of Montreal, and others, and have been featured by all sorts of media outlets, including the ever-cool KEXP and the never-cool MTVu.

They’ve got this weird quality about them that I’m now certain every poppy, good-looking indie rock outfit from L.A. has (see Goldspot)…and that’s the fact that they’re walking a fine line of potential right now. They could easily hop on a major label and sell out a la The Killers, or go the way of super cool hipsters TnT and CYHSY and just stick it to the Man, live out of their Eurovan, and eat tacos y burritos like the rest of us. Anyway, this is a band you’re sure to love…just make sure to get to them before Adam Fucking Brody does.

[MP3] IrvingJen, Nothing Matters To Me
[MP3] IrvingThe Gentle Preservation Of Children’s Minds

Irving has their new album, Death In The Garden, Blood On The Flowers, out in stores now. Buy it here.
Download more MP3s here.

Bonus MP3:

[MP3] Jolie HollandCrush In The Ghetto (highly rec’d)

In other ramblings…

So…I’m back from college, which means I survived finals. Three fingers on my left hand, however, did not. I’ll leave it up in the air to which fingers were somehow dispaced, but I’ll tell you, it is now exhaustingly physically demanding to give double v’s, solve Rubik’s cubes, and conduct mini Balkan Orkestars. On that note, I got my copy of Beirut‘s Gulag Orkestar in the mail the other day. What’s your excuse?

I never really knew a ton about the band Haywood and honestly never really listened to them. I had read about them from time to time, especially when they broke up in 2000. Thanks to a tip from Deep Throat, I’ve been directed to their MySpace and notified of their recent reuniting and new album coming out “very soon.” The Throat of Endless Depth told me that he has been listening to their new song on repeat for the last 3 days…so I just had to see what had been the Hitler of his ears over the past 72 hours.

[MP3] HaywoodA Pair of Tragic Paper Kites

It’s a damn good song. Really simple with some great lines and melodies that are catchy enough to make anyone give it a few listens. It’s safe to say that I am getting relatively excited about their new album that is slated for release whenever they get enough copies made. Below is a track from one of their earlier recordings. Be sure to check out their MySpace for the latest details and other songs.

[MP3] HaywoodPlow

Speaking of new albums, I’m sure that everyone got to see the rare Pitchfork weekend update. God forbid music news cease to be produced outside of the designated business days. Who else to screw up Pitchfork’s normal routine than Thom Yorke? According to his post and the Pitchfork report, Yorke doesn’t want it to be called a solo album. Hey! I don’t care if he calls it the “The Orgasmic Noise I Make Without A Full Band Named Radiohead” as long as I get to hear it…I’ll be more than happy. It’s due out July 11 and the track listing has already been announced. If you notice, one of the tracks is “Cymbal Rush” which I may have just posted about a little while ago..