Jason Anderson

What is there to say about Jason Anderson?
This guy is just awesome.

Once playing under the alias Wolf Colonel, Jason Anderson brings a dose of raw guitar and untapped energy to the table. Aside from his knack of making great music, Jason Anderson is a human being that is almost too nice to be a musician. He loves playing music more than anything and his live shows really convey that. At his live shows, he acts like the center of the universe as the planets crowd circle around him.

And when you’re the sun you don’t need amps or mics to get your point across. Just Jason and the crowd that swallows him up. The crowd sings along, even if they didn’t know the song prior to the set. A circle forms around him as if there was a high school fight and everyone is watching- chanting for who they want to get their ass kicked except they’re chanting for Jason to kick the guitars ass. Anderson is passion filled and wide-eyed as he sings songs about love, happiness, and life. In between songs he’ll interject thoughts of reason, speak on the behalf of civil rights, guided patriotism, and environmentalism. He’ll allude to the mistaken concept of choosing titles, to be left sided or right sided, rather he chose, simply to be.

[MP3] Jason AndersonThe Hospital
[MP3] Jason AndersonAstronaut, Astronaut
[MP3] Jason AndersonIf I’m Waiting

This guy is a treat to see live – I can guarantee you’ll like him. He’s the sort of guy that will make you smirk on a CD and grin ear-to-ear when you see him in concert. Buy one of his many CD and go watch him play anywhere from coffee shops to libraries. You have a better idea for a venue? Just ask him to play it and he will. Seriously.

I wonder what the coolest/weirdest place to play a show would be?

Summer Is Here!

Summer is here, for me. Finals are over and I don’t even want to look back at the damage I may have caused to the city of GPA. To paraphrase Eric Cartman, “Schools out guys, I’m going home.”

I’m officially back at the Nathaniel Estate and have a TON of material to sift through. There are enough bubble-clad manila envelopes here to float a family of four from Cuba to Florida. It may seem like a daunting task but I, for one, am excited to give them a listen and see what I think of em’ all. Anyways, since my summer started I decided to post a few songs that are all about the awesomeness of summer.

[MP3] The Flaming LipsIt’s Summertime
Complete with birds chirping in the background- Wayne and Company singing about summer seems to make the sun shine that much brighter.

[MP3] Modest MouseUntitled #3 (Summer)
With a line like, “Just the smell of the summer can make me fall in love” I have to think that Isaac Brock could be capable of pulling a Vivaldi and composing some genius Four Season ballads. “Dance dance dance and go crazy!”

[MP3] HanaleiThis Is Going To Be The Best Summer Ever
Any summer is the best summer ever. Wait, what? Radiohead, Modest Mouse, and The Shins have new albums coming out? Ok Hanalei, you win.

[MP3] Jens LekmanA Sweet Summer’s Night On Hammer Hill
What do the Swedish know about summertime? One needs to look no further than Jens Lekman to hear his brassy take on that sweet summertime feeling.

[MP3] The Fiery FurnacesHere Comes The Summer
I am not sure if they meant to correlatee “waiting” and “summer” in this song, but it seems like people are always waiting on summer for some reason. I’d say people wait on summer more than Christmas. Except Jesus because its his birthday.

[MP3] GrandaddySummer Here Kids
Grandaddy breaking up was a pretty devastating blow to their genre of music. These guys are really talented and this is the first song I think of every time someone says summer.

[MP3] The Fire TheftSummertime
Jeremy Enigk is a quirky guy that makes some damn good music, both solo and with a band. I’m beginning to think that he has a fetish with summer. Summertime? Sunny Day Real Estate?

[MP3] LFOSummer Girls
As soon as I made this post- someone left a comment recommending I add this song to the list. I don’t know what I was thinking. Leaving off LFO? Finals obviously took their toll.. I’m really starting to lose it.

Question: What are the top three things that come to mind when you think about summer?

These answers should be rather interesting. I’m going to unpack all my crap and be back tomorrow with some new stuff.

Today was a pretty awesome day in terms of Pitchfork lining up with my hopes and expectations. You know, for all the smug reviews they peddle, the sweet moments like these just seem to make everything ok. They rounded out the edges nicely today in a number of ways:

1. Spencer and his Sunset Rubdown project nailed a Best New Music! It seems like Mr. Krug can’t be stopped these past couple years, with BNM honors for last year’s Wolf Parade debut and now he “wins” again for Shut Up I Am Dreaming! If you haven’t heard anything from Sunset Rubdown’s turf, check this out:

[MP3] Sunset RubdownThey Took A Vote And Said No
[MP3] Sunset RubdownStadiums And Shrines II

2. iGIF favorite Beirut picked up a great track review (4.5 stars!) today for the same exact track I raved about just a few days ago! It’s a brilliant song, and if this is any indication, Zach Condon will be the next Owen Pallett.

[MP3] BeirutPostcards From Italy
[MP3] BeirutThe Canals Of Our City

3. Another iGIF favorite and Pitchfork writer Cadence Weapon picked up a great review today, an 8.0, for Breaking Kayfabe, one of the best hip-hop releases of the year without a doubt. Check out these tracks, I’ll have more for you later!

[MP3] Cadence WeaponOliver Square
[MP3] Cadence WeaponBlack Hand

So I guess this makes up for Pitchfork’s neglect to give Final Fantasy a BNM nod yesterday… tisk tisk

Little Ones

I was just thinking the other day how it’d be nice to find another instantly likeable indie pop band… You know, one that I didn’t have to get used to, one I could play whenever I want, just to feel good. A band to clap along to, one that I don’t have to learn to like, one that, if I go to bed with certain substances effecting my brain and play their music while I sleep, will trigger crazy-cool dreams of riding on the back of that big dog-thing from Fantasia as he flies me over Eureka’s Castle as I wave in euphoria to my friends Magellan the Dragon and Sir Klank…

And then I found Little Ones (thanks to all you fine people) and I became elated once again. Little Ones are an infinitely likeable, superb band from L.A. that recall a Shins-like vibe (not to mention the Chutes Too Narrow-like artwork). If you’ve been following this site for a while and haven’t given up hope, you’ll probably love this band.

All highly recommended:

[MP3] Little OnesLovers To Uncover
[MP3] Little OnesCha Cha Cha
[MP3] Little OnesHigh On A Hill

C’mon everyone, head over here to buy their debut EP Sing Song for a whopping $7!

With Bishop Allen being 1/3 of the way through their 12-month EP project, they’ve safely produced some great great songs. Adding to their ever growing catalogue, they’ve just released their April EP.

The new EP is fantastic!! The range of instruments, from violins to banjos, adds new depth to their music. A lot of their songs seem to be taking on a more serious and darkened romanticism..but I am not complaining. “The Monitor” was one of my favorite songs they have ever recorded with eerie lyrics and haunting guitar. The track below starts out simple- quite instruments and charming lyrics. Then like a flash of lightning, two of my favorite instruments grab the song by the [insert musical body part here] and shake the living hell out of it.

Violin + Piano + Bishop Allen = a good time for your ears.

[MP3] Bishop AllenFlight 180

How somber is that track? How great is that track? Make sure to head over to their site and buy an EP for super cheap!

In other news, I have one exam left. What a relief! I can’t wait to get back into the rhythm of posting, I’ve been amassing some good tunes since “eat/sleep/study/contemplate suicide/take exam” mode has started.