Don’t Weep!

The Weepies is an interesting name for a band. Many may roll their eyes at the possibility of yet another band sulking through musical chords and notes. When I first saw their name, I thought of that ridiculous children’s show…only to realize they’re called The Weebles. Regardless, don’t judge a band by it’s a name…That’s a lesson you tend to learn early on in the musical world.

After getting past the amusement of their band name, I was really pleased with their sound. The story behind this band is rather interesting and (yes!) romantic. Read it for yourself:

Deb Talan and Steve Tannen began writing together the first night they met and soon formed The Weepies. We were fans of each other. When we met, there was an electric connection that made us both nervous. After the show, when everyone went home, we stayed up all night playing songs for each other, drinking a bottle of wine and trading an acoustic guitar back and forth in a tiny apartment,” says Talan. “That night has lasted four years so far,” adds Tannen.

Maybe like an acoustically driven Mates of State?? They remind me of a lot of different bands, but they don’t resemble any of them enough for “pegging” sake… And that’s a rare/good find. They’re melodies are fantastic! The simplicity of the music that compliments their tremendous vocal ability is very enjoyable to listen to. Maybe I am just in that elegantly crafted acoustic melody driven music type of mood, who knows but I am loving this band. Check out the MP3s and let The Weepies put you in a good mood too.

[MP3] The WeepiesWorld Spins Madly On
[MP3] The WeepiesTake It From Me
[MP3] The WeepiesGotta Have You (Loving this track)

They’re starting to get some major playage on various TV shows and soundtracks, most notably the upcoming Sundance release Friends With Money, starring Jennifer Aniston. Their album just released so buy it or at least check out their site and MySpace for some upcoming tour dates!

Death Ships

I usually don’t have an addictive personality, or if I do it’s only at intermittent times. Everyone goes through their phases of different addictions (love, alcohol, sex, whatever..), my only constant addiction being music. Over the past month, that addiction has been with two songs from one band: Death Ships.

Blossoming from the seed of a one-man band, Death Ships has been in the works since early 2001. Like bundles of other collegiate students, Dan Maloney started making some music while an undergrad at the University of Iowa and opening for local bands and regional bands alike. Soon enough, Death Ships numbers grew from 1 to 4 and recording sessions ensued. With their fan base steadily growing in the Chicago/Iowa City area, Death Ships has plans to release a full album titled Seeds of Devastation sometime this year (with a full scale tour to follow).

Their sound is centered around singer/songwriter Maloney, and with good reason. His simple guitar chords escalate into a crescendo of looming vocals and a potpourri of keyboards, bass, and guitar. Keyboards are an essential part of this band, like harp is to Joanna Newsom. Blending elements of indie pop and jazz influenced folk music, Death Ships is convincing many (including myself) that their debut album is gonna be loaded with great music.

[MP3] Death ShipsLittle Mystery (Warning! Awesome guitar, here!)
[MP3] Death ShipsSymmetrical Smiles (Jazzy?)

If you’re a record label looking for a hot new artist, I’d check these guys out since they haven’t committed to any labels just yet. In the meantime, check out their MySpace and official site.

I Heart Huckaby

Some will argue that musical tastes may be a genetic predisposition. I am not sure where I stand on this argument, but my Dad had, and still has, a great taste in music. Whether I picked this up or not may be left for geneticists to figure out, however every now and then my Dad still manages to give me some good music that I don’t know about. So, since my Dad sneaks a peak at the blog every now and then, thanks for Rick Huckaby.

Normally I am very partial to country influenced music, most of the time snarling my upper lip at the lyrics of cowboys, breaking hearts, and what Jimmy did with Sally down on the farm/in a pickup truck. However, Rick Huckaby is an artist that takes the best of the soulful country rock sound, blending it seamlessly with classic American Folk. His true talent doesn’t lie within his simple chords and melodies, but his lyrics which are meaningfully handcrafted stories that are as addicting as Kelly Clarkson‘s ear candy. Go on, eat it up.

[MP3] Rick HuckabyComing Of Age (This Song = Instant Classic)
[MP3] Rick HuckabyCall Me Huck
[MP3] Rick HuckabyBreathe

There isn’t a whole lot of information floating around on the internet about Mr. Huckaby, but from what I have gathered: he is working on releasing a full album, he hails from West Virginia, he has a few tour dates coming up (including KY!!), and Warner Bros. picked him up a few years back. It’s hard to imagine how a very talented ex-Tracy Lawrence backup singer, much like that of Huck, isn’t more widely known among the masses (being on a major label, especially).

Check out his site and listen to some other songs here.

The conversations that I and Ms. Heather Browne have are beyond amazing. We’re so witty that we speak a near foreign language. Yeah, just kidding. Although she can flock to the nifty city of Denver, she remains much like myself – not close enough to a bustling coast overflowing with talented musicians and artists. But hey, us secluded primitive bloggers can hold our own, we ain’t afraid of no coast!

Anyways, Heather writes great great stuff over at her blog (i.e. List of Best Protest Songs) I Am Fuel, You Are Friends. This time, Heather posted herself some awesomeness. She has a knack for The Boss and, well…who doesn’t want some Springsteen covers?


You Want More Springsteen? @ I Am Fuel, You Are Friends

Great post my Coloradian Cohort. Now, get your ass to Lollapalooza and we’ll have us a grand ole’ time.

A song or two, in honor of those out west (but not on a coast)!

[MP3] Bright EyesJune on the West Coast
[MP3] GrandaddyEl Caminos In The West

It’s a beautiful day, here in Lexington KY. The weather has an odd effect on my musical selection. Trying to find a soundtrack to match the mood of Mother Nature is (sometimes) difficult, yet so much fun. With the sun shining and the temperature rising, The Little Willies are the perfect band to listen to.

Here is a little dosage of this super group straight from their site:

The Little Willies formed for purely practical reasons. In 2003, the group of five friends, who were all individually involved in other projects, booked a gig at The Living Room on New York’s Lower East Side as an excuse to spend an evening playing music together. They soon discovered that they shared a deep musical vernacular.

Richard Julian, who I just posted on, is playing/singing alongside Norah Jones, Lee Alexander, Jim Campilongo, and Dan Rieser. They’re music is very jazzy; each musician bringing their own unique sound to the record.

[MP3] The Little WilliesRoly Poly
[MP3] The Little WilliesI’ll Neve Get Out Of This World Alive

You have to be happy after these songs! Make the Willies happy, head over to their MySpace and buy their newly released (March 6) album.