I Heart Huckaby

Some will argue that musical tastes may be a genetic predisposition. I am not sure where I stand on this argument, but my Dad had, and still has, a great taste in music. Whether I picked this up or not may be left for geneticists to figure out, however every now and then my Dad still manages to give me some good music that I don’t know about. So, since my Dad sneaks a peak at the blog every now and then, thanks for Rick Huckaby.

Normally I am very partial to country influenced music, most of the time snarling my upper lip at the lyrics of cowboys, breaking hearts, and what Jimmy did with Sally down on the farm/in a pickup truck. However, Rick Huckaby is an artist that takes the best of the soulful country rock sound, blending it seamlessly with classic American Folk. His true talent doesn’t lie within his simple chords and melodies, but his lyrics which are meaningfully handcrafted stories that are as addicting as Kelly Clarkson‘s ear candy. Go on, eat it up.

[MP3] Rick HuckabyComing Of Age (This Song = Instant Classic)
[MP3] Rick HuckabyCall Me Huck
[MP3] Rick HuckabyBreathe

There isn’t a whole lot of information floating around on the internet about Mr. Huckaby, but from what I have gathered: he is working on releasing a full album, he hails from West Virginia, he has a few tour dates coming up (including KY!!), and Warner Bros. picked him up a few years back. It’s hard to imagine how a very talented ex-Tracy Lawrence backup singer, much like that of Huck, isn’t more widely known among the masses (being on a major label, especially).

Check out his site and listen to some other songs here.

The conversations that I and Ms. Heather Browne have are beyond amazing. We’re so witty that we speak a near foreign language. Yeah, just kidding. Although she can flock to the nifty city of Denver, she remains much like myself – not close enough to a bustling coast overflowing with talented musicians and artists. But hey, us secluded primitive bloggers can hold our own, we ain’t afraid of no coast!

Anyways, Heather writes great great stuff over at her blog (i.e. List of Best Protest Songs) I Am Fuel, You Are Friends. This time, Heather posted herself some awesomeness. She has a knack for The Boss and, well…who doesn’t want some Springsteen covers?


You Want More Springsteen? @ I Am Fuel, You Are Friends

Great post my Coloradian Cohort. Now, get your ass to Lollapalooza and we’ll have us a grand ole’ time.

A song or two, in honor of those out west (but not on a coast)!

[MP3] Bright EyesJune on the West Coast
[MP3] GrandaddyEl Caminos In The West

It’s a beautiful day, here in Lexington KY. The weather has an odd effect on my musical selection. Trying to find a soundtrack to match the mood of Mother Nature is (sometimes) difficult, yet so much fun. With the sun shining and the temperature rising, The Little Willies are the perfect band to listen to.

Here is a little dosage of this super group straight from their site:

The Little Willies formed for purely practical reasons. In 2003, the group of five friends, who were all individually involved in other projects, booked a gig at The Living Room on New York’s Lower East Side as an excuse to spend an evening playing music together. They soon discovered that they shared a deep musical vernacular.

Richard Julian, who I just posted on, is playing/singing alongside Norah Jones, Lee Alexander, Jim Campilongo, and Dan Rieser. They’re music is very jazzy; each musician bringing their own unique sound to the record.

[MP3] The Little WilliesRoly Poly
[MP3] The Little WilliesI’ll Neve Get Out Of This World Alive

You have to be happy after these songs! Make the Willies happy, head over to their MySpace and buy their newly released (March 6) album.

The King Of France

Considering that every blogger on the planet has already blogged the shit out of this band, I figured I’d jump on the bandwagon. The King Of France, once known for his raping and pillaging of nobles and dissenters alike, has left his aging cliché of a profession for something a little more…entertaining. While there’s nothing like a good, wholesome plutocracy to feed the 18th century hipsters’ cry for “more Gluck!”, I hope I’m not in the wrong by saying “It’s about damn time!”

I really like TKOF because I get the impression that they could care less about what I have to say about them. And it’s not because what I have to say really, in fact, doesn’t matter too much. It’s more to do with an air of confidence I sense in their music…and rightfully so; their music is fun, poppy, light-handed, and the singer’s got a voice that for some of you (I hope) will make you want more. It’s a good story telling voice.

[MP3] The King Of FranceMexico
[MP3] The King Of FranceWatch Out For The Man
[MP3] The King Of FranceWhite Confection

More King Of France here.

Long before my blogging days, I used to watch and listen to many of my (unlike myself) musically inclined friends. Much like artists and bands, watching your friends go through musical phases and evolve into their own sound is really neat. Now, more than ever before, they’re starting bands, recording songs, and looking to make a name for themselves in the music scene. Rightfully so, the new “iGIF Exclusive” business is simply exclusive music from friends/musicians I know personally or a new track given to iGIF first. Bloggers long to get the little guy recognized, and this feature is for the nearly microscopic little guy. I bet you’re oozing with excitement, eh? Oh, quit it.

I’ve mentioned my cohort in NYC, Emily, a many times in a many different posts. Hell, she has even guest blogged a couple of times. Aside from my unrequited love for Emily, I also adore hearing about the music scene at Sarah Lawrence. I’ve gotten a fair dosage of vibes coming from her neck of the woods and they’re all pretty great and pretty unknown to humanity. Hopefully, not for long.

Jesse Rifkin is super talented. First off, this sophomore at Sarah Lawrence College plays more instruments than I could’ve guessed, and usually records all of the songs by himself. His undeniable do-it-yourself mantra has been paying off around the campus of SLC, attracting large crowds and opening for bands like Castanets. His talent is very raw, along with most of his recordings, but his live show includes a Wailing Wall with at least 8 members playing instruments such as accordian, trumpet, guitar, bass, tambourine, keyboard, banjo, harmonica, and melodica. At first listen, Neutral Milk Hotel‘s influence is apparent. With Jeff Mangum in somber seclusion, someone has to step up!

[MP3] Jesse Rifkin & The Wailing WallSacred String
[MP3] Jesse Rifkin & The Wailing WallBread In Your Belly
[MP3] Jesse Rifkin & The Wailing WallFor My Baby Brother

Go on over to his MySpace for more tracks and info on the aspiring artist. If you’re in NYC, be sure to catch a train to Bronxville for a free (and well worth it) show.