I’m getting into the habit of making this a habit!

Yeah, well I don’t mind it. It’s educationally stimulating and musically invigorating. Plus it’s a good way to mix things up a bit, not always post on the unknowns and knowns. Just a compilation of neat songs.

Anyways, anyone with a well versed background in history may know that the title of this post comes also the “famous last words” of Franklin Delano Roosevelt. One of the best Presidents of all time, if not the best, said, “I have a terrific headache!” before slumping over in his chair and losing consciousness. Of course, the country wasn’t aware of their four term President’s declining health. But, hey… those were some pretty good last words to proclaim before you have a massive cerebral hemorrhage.

[MP3] Jeff MangumTwo Headed Boy (Live @ Jittery Joe’s)
[MP3] Tom WaitsHang Down Your Head
[MP3] The FrayOver My Head (Cable Car)
[MP3] Modest MouseHead South
[MP3] The WallflowersBleeders
[MP3] Travis MorrisonGet Me Off Of This Coin C

Sorry for the somewhat small post, but I have some studying to get finished and have had multiple exams this week. I’ll have some new stuff for tomorrow, no fear!!

Soof-yahn Steevins

I know you guys can’t get enough of this man (did I pronounce his name right?)…hell, neither can I! Yesterday I stumbled across a pair of outtakes from Michigan. Now, I would have been intrigued normally because c’mon, it’s Sufjan, but I was especially interested after hearing about The Avalanche, a 21-track epic of outtakes from the Illinois sessions. I’ve heard b-sides and outtakes before from The Man, but that sucker borders orgasmic. Here are two Michigan outtakes:

[MP3] Sufjan StevensMarching Band
If this is any indication how The Avalanche will be, get ready for another year list topper. I really can’t imagine what drove Sufjan to leave this song off of the final cut… it’s simply beautiful. It takes the same lush, inescapable, mesmerizing wall-of-sound approach that we’ve come to adore from Illinois.

[MP3] Sufjan StevensPickerel Lake
Sufjan’s got one of the most amazing voices I’ve ever heard… It’s funny to think that his friends and family used to discourage him from singing (he used to be awful)… Here he layers multiple vocal tracks, much like Elliott Smith, using them as a catalyst for yet another emotionally comforting, beautifully swaying song.

Check out my previous post for one of the songs off of The Avalanche.
Also, check out another old post for other Sufjan b-sides and rarities.

It just so happens that a band I came across on MySpace is on Filter’s Weekly Top 5 Artists. I am willing to bet it isn’t a strange coincidence that we both enjoy The Submarines thoroughly. They’re catchy mix of electronic beats and guitar are somewhat reminiscent of Stars or Her Space Holiday, only The Submarines rock a wee bit harder.

They’re debut album, Declare A New State (June 20), is showing a lot of promise. A blend of electronic folk and indie pop, The Submarines craft their songs carefully by meticulously inserting appealing melodies and riffs, backed by (yes!) romantic lyrics. Romance wasn’t always the case for The Submarines though.. Another band/couple (i.e. The Weepies and Mates of States), this couple was brought together, ripped apart, and then reunited through music. Suffice to say, they are now on their way to a “happily ever after” musical life. Check out their MySpace for the full break up/make up story and other musical tidbits. Also, look at Filter’s little blurb on them, complete with an additional track! If you don’t wanna wait til June for the debut, snatch it on iTunes or eMusic before everyone else!

[MP3] The SubmarinesPeace & Hate
[MP3] The SubmarinesVote
[MP3] The SubmarinesClouds

In other unrelated news.. It seems that people all over the world are getting bills and tickets for the most ridiculous hilarious things.

How about those buffalo? Their numbers were in the 100 million at one time, then a mere 750 another. Facing near extinction couldn’t have sounded so great to an entire species, but to Phantom Buffalo, some good music was made.

Phantom Buffalo has a very unique name and sound. Between the fuzzy guitar, soft vocals, accordion utilization, and story-telling lyrics, Phantom Buffalo has the intimate sound of a solo act with a full band noise. I randomly followed multiple musical links on MySpace and found their own page. The more you listen to their music, the more enchanted you become with their unique melodies and guitar riffs. A psychedelic sound? A breath of fresh air indie rock? You decide.

[MP3] Phantom BuffaloA Bathing Suit for a Rich Girl
[MP3] Phantom BuffaloBe The Boss
[MP3] Phantom BuffaloKilling’s Not Ok

With a song like, A Bathing Suit For A Rich Girl, I immediately thought of the latest Sports Illustrated: Swimsuit Edition. Yes, I know you all are such avid readers, right? This year was a good year for the magazine (as if it has an off year) mainly because they set a new world record. That’s right, a true “rich girl bathing suit” in the form of $30 Million Bikini.

Connor had his picture and commentary on Ann Coulter, I’ll interject mine with Molly Sims (the antithesis of Ann Coulter) who is looking inconceivably hot in her “record breaking” photoshoot. Check out the budget breaking bikini here.
Talk about some strange tan lines.

End of commentary. The picture speaks 30 million words.

Hip-Hop Anonymous?

Damn…I know if you guys have been following this site for a while, you’ll know that I rarely post any hip-hop or rap… and it’s definitely not because I don’t like any… I actually don’t have a reason! I want to start posting more and more that I like, because I feel it’s obviously something this blog of mine is missing. So…here’s an opening batch of songs for the rap-conscious hipsters out there:

[MP3] BlackaliciousChemical Calisthenics
[MP3] BlackaliciousThe Rise & Fall Of Elliot Brown
Tim Parker (Gift of Gab) may be one of the most talented MCs out there. A lot of people don’t really like his take on the old-school style, but there’s no denying the man’s one of the biggest innovators in hip-hop in the past decade. Plus, he’s the fastest rhymer in the west.

[MP3] DangerDoomDoomage (ft. Non-Prophets, Slug & Brother Ali)
Here’s a little-known DangerDoom track. What makes this even better is that Providence rapper Sage Francis adds a few words…

[MP3] Gnarls BarkleyJust A Thought
After breaking UK sales records, Cee-Lo and Danger Mouse can’t get any hotter. You guys have undoubtedly heard Crazy, but this one’s my favorite.

[MP3] Kanye West / José GonzálezGet ‘Em High / Lovestain
[MP3] The Game / José GonzálezDreams / Crosses
If Chris hasn’t already turned you guys onto this, listen to these tracks. I never would have thought that such a mash-up could be so good, but there you have it. Dert has turned four amazing songs into two even more incredible masterpieces.

[MP3] MadvillainMoney Folder (Four Tet Remix)
Here’s another great remix. Madvillainy is almost untouchable, so I’m sure it was a feat for Four Tet to come up with a remix that even remotely challenged the original…but listen closely, this shit’s too hot to pass up.

[MP3] MF DoomDedicated (w/ Wale Oyejide)
MF Doom is one MC that’s seriously growing on me. I really like his work with Madlib and Danger Doom, and I’m just starting to scratch the surface of his insanely extensive solo work…here’s a great song I found online somewhere, probably on a blog run by someone much cooler than me.

[ZIP] Hip-Hop Anonymous