My internet died today.
Before the resurrection, I checked my mailbox to be surprised by a CD.
My internet came back to life.
Now you get to check out the inbox friendly band Bump.

I was talking about Bonnaroo today with someone, which brought up memories of summer and jamming music. Well, right now it is pretty damp and gloomy outside, so I was relying on music to combat the negative effects of Mother Nature. You know.. That music you might listen to with the windows down on a summer day? Bump could easily become that type of music. When I put in Bump’s latest album, Incredible Consequence, I found myself in one of those Corona commercials on a white beach thinking… “Miles away from ordinary.” Perhaps that’s the best description for their music. A hodgepodge of jamming rock and psychedelic indie make their music a perfect blend of beach side bar meets a rock and roll festival meets (their hometown) Detroit Rock City.

[MP3] BumpDon’t Be The Sunrise
[MP3] BumpI Must Say
[MP3] BumpLast Chance

Check out their MySpace and be ready for their debut album that releases on May 2!

Completely off topic to anything musically related, I found myself using the word “hodgepodge” in the above description. I’m not sure how many of you have seen the hilarious Honda Element commercials, but there is one with a platypus that cracks me up. As soon as I typed the word “hodgepodge”, I knew I had to expose you to this bit of humor.

It’s been awhile since I did one of these. Absence makes the ears grow fonder, eh? Anyways, on with the show!

[MP3] Xiu XiuFast Car
I love this song. It’s hard not to enjoy the original version of this song by Tracy Chapman. I’ll go ahead and say that Tracy Chapman is one of the most talented female artists.. ever! Xiu Xiu‘s version is one lined with simple guitar and even simpler vocals. The cover only gets better and better as the song progresses.

[MP3] AriaClocks
Here is a tribute to my diversity in the field of music. It’s a good thing one of my good friends loves the hardcore stint, because I sure as hell don’t enjoy words that I can’t distinguish from primal mating calls. Regardless, this song is actually pretty clever in the fact it’s a Coldplay piano ballad played to roaring guitar and vocals, for that matter.

[MP3] Cat PowerWonderwall
I’m sure this is one of the most covered songs of all time, no doubt. Enter the eerie vocals of Chan Marshall and exit the angst laden voice of Liam Gallagher. Result = sdfkghiwfkgh!! I liked this cover a ton when I first stumbled upon it a few years back and had recently lost it amongst various HDs. Now it’s found and I am very very happy.

Enjoy the covers…when they’ll be back…nobody knows. Literally, I don’t even know.

Before they get any more overposted, I’ll put up a few tracks from the upcoming Stills record, Without Feathers. I loved their last album and have been looking forward to hearing what they have in store for us. This album sounds a lot different than The Stills Version 1.0, but that doesn’t mean it’s bad. I have a strong feeling that a lot of these songs are gonna grow on me and you too.

[MP3] The StillsOh Shoplifter
[MP3] The StillsDestroyer

The album isn’t releasing until May 9, meaning you can go ahead and pre-order it or just surf around their site until it releases and you get your paws on it.

And, what about that contest? Holy BeJesus.. 72 comments = 72 bands worth listening too. Whoever wins should get more than album, more like… Insert something creatively humorous and well deserving here. Yeah, you get that. Seriously though, it’s Connor’s contest and I’ll be the first to say you all responded in one hell of a fashion. Rock onward.

I know I just posted on these guys about a week ago (see here), but now I’ve got even better news to report: a spiffy contest for an equally spiffy band. If you haven’t heard, The Lovely Feathers are another amazing band from north of the border, down [up] Montreal ways, and actually feature members from both The Arcade Fire and Wolf Parade! There’s nothing about this band that’s not to love…and logically speaking, that means you should just about love everything about this band. Check out these tracks:

[MP3] The Lovely FeathersIn The Valley
[MP3] The Lovely FeathersFrantic
[MP3] The Lovely FeathersBreakfast Cake


It’s hard to be a blogger. I’ll rephrase… it’s hard to constantly find awesome new music to post for you guys… so, this contest is simple! All you have to do is give me the name of a band that I haven’t heard of, and whichever band I like the most will win! I would appreciate it if along with the band name you could post a link to where I could find their music, but it’s not essential…just the band name is fine for contest entry.


Up for grabs is a copy of The Lovely Feathers amazing debut album, Hind Hind Legs, which officially hits stores 4/18…so if all goes well, you just might hold bragging rights over owning the album before everyone else!

The Weepies is an interesting name for a band. Many may roll their eyes at the possibility of yet another band sulking through musical chords and notes. When I first saw their name, I thought of that ridiculous children’s show…only to realize they’re called The Weebles. Regardless, don’t judge a band by it’s a name…That’s a lesson you tend to learn early on in the musical world.

After getting past the amusement of their band name, I was really pleased with their sound. The story behind this band is rather interesting and (yes!) romantic. Read it for yourself:

Deb Talan and Steve Tannen began writing together the first night they met and soon formed The Weepies. We were fans of each other. When we met, there was an electric connection that made us both nervous. After the show, when everyone went home, we stayed up all night playing songs for each other, drinking a bottle of wine and trading an acoustic guitar back and forth in a tiny apartment,” says Talan. “That night has lasted four years so far,” adds Tannen.

Maybe like an acoustically driven Mates of State?? They remind me of a lot of different bands, but they don’t resemble any of them enough for “pegging” sake… And that’s a rare/good find. They’re melodies are fantastic! The simplicity of the music that compliments their tremendous vocal ability is very enjoyable to listen to. Maybe I am just in that elegantly crafted acoustic melody driven music type of mood, who knows but I am loving this band. Check out the MP3s and let The Weepies put you in a good mood too.

[MP3] The WeepiesWorld Spins Madly On
[MP3] The WeepiesTake It From Me
[MP3] The WeepiesGotta Have You (Loving this track)

They’re starting to get some major playage on various TV shows and soundtracks, most notably the upcoming Sundance release Friends With Money, starring Jennifer Aniston. Their album just released so buy it or at least check out their site and MySpace for some upcoming tour dates!