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You have to admit it…life is pretty random. Thanks, Apple. But seriously, rather than sugarcoating this into something of meaning, I’ll just say it: this post has got to do with nothing, just music. These are just songs that I’ve been digging recently, but posting on each one separately would be an exhaustive process, and I just don’t care about you guys enough to do it (edit: that’s a lie, I care about 3 of you) (edit: sorry Lenny, didn’t mean to forget you. that makes 4) (edit: just so I don’t actually offend anyone, I care about all of you except those four people) (edit: yes Lenny, you’re one of them. stop calling me).

[MP3] Ray LaMontagneCrazy (Gnarls Barkley Cover)
Last week, the disturbingly relentless RIAA gave me a lot of trouble for hosting a Gnarls Barkley song. In their honor, here’s a pretty damn fine cover of a different GB song, sung gracefully by Ray LaMontagne, who was unavailable for comment.

[MP3] CalexicoCast Your Coat
Garden Ruin just came out about two weeks ago, and if you don’t have it yet, get it. This one’s a “bonus track” from the album, but is about as great as everything else on the record. The end gets pretty noisy and disjointed, which is actually really refreshing coming from these guys.

[MP3] SOUND TeamMovie Monster
Have you heard SOUND Team yet? They’re like super-mega-oprah-hyped, but something tells me it’s all worth it. Maybe it’s how good the upcoming Movie Monster is… this shiz hits stores June 8th (my birthday!), make sure to pick it up then!

[MP3] FeistMushaboom
[MP3] Bright EyesMushaboom (Feist Cover)
[MP3] FeistMushaboom (Postal Service Remix)
God…. this song. Somehow I didn’t catch on to Let It Die back in 2004 and have been playing the crap out of it recently. As I’m sure you all know, Mushaboom is without a doubt one of the best songs of 2004. Here are the three versions of it that I have. The Best Part: there are even more remixes coming out on a Remix and Collabs CD called Open Season, due out tomorrow! Get it here)

[MP3] Eagle*SeagullHoly
Jeeze, how many moods does this band swing?!? I got into E*S a number of months ago and literally can’t put the album down. This is the song I’m addicted to now, a slow-moving dedication to reassurance: “You make me want to be a saint / who kills people…” Brilliant. If you haven’t heard of this band, march immediately here to get more. Thank me later.

[MP3] Gilberto GilBat Macumba
This is the first track off of the wildly popular, critically hailed Tropicalia: A Revolution In Brasilian Sound, an amazing collection of 6 or 7 artists who worked within the tropicalia movement of 1960s Brazil. Buy this one too.

[MP3] We Will Build1214
Here’s another great song from iGIF favorites, We Will Build. These guys won one of our contests a little while back, beating out a lot of great competition. For fans of Ratatat, The Postal Service, DNTEL, and the like. More of WWB here.

[MP3] José GonzálezLeft Behind
Jose teamed up with Zero 7 on their upcoming album, The Garden, which comes out on May 22nd. This song may be pretty short, but it’s a great reminder of Jose’s talent he showed us on Veneer. Preorder The Garden here.

[MP3] Erin McKeownBlackbirds
Just heard Erin McKeown for the first time yesterday…very impressive. Her voice actually sounds a bit like Feist, which is nice, while her style’s a little more rock n’ roll. What do you guys think?

That’s it for my random grab bag mixer thinger. Gimme some love!

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The Invisible Clock Factory are a duo of Toronto-natives Matthew Ivanowich and Carrot Jones who, armed with not much more than a bunch of toys, noisemakers, and a dream, create beautifully aromatic, self-genred space pop, drawing influences from The Flaming Lips, Elephant Six, and The Fiery Furnaces. With a pretty complex self-released concept album already under their belts, TICF have taken another direction with their music, as displayed on the couple of songs they’ve released in anticipation of a new album:

[MP3] The Invisible Clock FactoryPenelope Rose
[MP3] The Invisible Clock FactoryThe Quantum Particles Rock and Roll Song

TICF are currently in the studio working on their new album, Somewhere Beyond The Blue-Cheese Moon, due out this summer. If you liked what you heard, head over here to download that concept album for FREE.

In other news…

I saw Islands with Why? and little-known emcee Cadence Weapon on Thursday night in Providence. The crowd was seriously lacking due to a Wilco, Ted Leo, and Ok Go show for Brown U’s Spring Weekend (they also had Common, Edan, and Yerba Buena…seriously, what the fuck… they spent like $200,000 bucks on this shiz…all Wheaton got was Zox and The Slip….not bad, but not exactly The Ritz either…ok, back to the point), only about 50 or so people there, but nevertheless Islands was brilliantly exciting, as expected. Dressed in almost-matching white outfits, they trekked through every song off of their debut… Nick Diamonds was especially entertaining: among other things, he tossed himself all over the stage, dumped water on his head, jumped into the crowd to dance while stealing a fan’s hat for a song, smashed his guitar, and THEN, and here’s the best part…THEN he brought his band (instruments in hand) and the entire crowd across the street from the venue to an Elementary School basketball court to play shirts vs skins…that is, until security rolled up. Amazing.

I’ll be posting on Cadence Weapon very soon…here’s a teaser:

[MP3] Cadence WeaponOliver Square

The Mystery Mix

A couple of days ago was one of the most misunderstood yet appreciated holidays in this nation’s history. In fact…I didn’t post at all that day (actually since Tuesday, but hey…I’ve been busy)…so here’s a mix, a mystery mix, in celebration of that glorious unnamed holiday… and if you’re wondering where I’ve been for the past 5 days or so, this should shed some light for you:

[MP3] The BeatlesGot To Get You Into My Life
[MP3] Miles DavisBudo
[MP3] Animal CollectiveGrass
[MP3] Bob MarleyOne Love
[MP3] Kanye West / José GonzálezGet ‘Em High / Lovestain
[MP3] Jimi HendrixPurple Haze
[MP3] Nick DrakeThe Thoughts Of Mary Jane
[MP3] Band Of HorsesWeed Party
[MP3] Elliott SmithHigh Times

Still can’t guess the holiday? Here’s a hint: IT’S ABOUT SMOKING POT… You’re obviously not a golfer.

On a completely unrelated note, there’s a cool little lyrics archive upstart called Bread for Music, operating with media wiki (the same software that Wikipedia uses). It’s a tad small at the moment, but it’s submission-based and only has room to grow…so head over there and check it out, and if you’ve got the time, submit a few songs!

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Who doesn’t love a contest? If you remember Connor’s post on the Guillemots a month or so ago, then you’ll love what we’re giving away. Haven’t heard ‘em yet? Go on and take a listen!

Thanks to the lovely people at addVice, up for grabs is a 10″ limited double vinyl of Guillemot’s From The Cliffs. Since they’re being so kind as to provide a lucky reader with a free vinyl, they left the actual contest gig up to me. Our past contests have been pretty easy, so I decided to up the ante and test your creativity.

The Contest: Since the Guillemots are from England, I am challenging every reader who would like some free merch, to create a Beatles themed sentence/paragraph. However, the kicker is to incorporate (coherently) as many Beatles’ song titles as you can. With so many different song titles, whoever creates the most clever/humorous blurb wins! The only rule is that you are limited to 64 words, in honor of that infamous Beatles song and their Ed Sullivan debut in 1964. Be sure to leave your email address so I can contact the winner!

Don’t be surprised if there are a lack of updates until Monday (when the winner will be announced!) since Connor is on Spring Weekend and I’m heading home for some top secret blog work..shhh.

Get clever. Get creative. Get a vinyl!

The Atkins Diet

I am excited about two things: the weekend and Nicole Atkins & The Sea.

This week has been dragging on, perhaps because summer is a mere week of classes away? Who knows, but Friday is here and it is by far the best day of the week. A good thing about Friday, aside from it being the gateway to temporary academic freedom, is the fact that I came across a really talented singer.

Nicole Atkins impressed me with her catchy songs and soothing voice. If the pop blend of Jenny Lewis and the somber tone of Chan Marshall were ever combined, I am pretty positive this would be the resulting sound (and the looks, she is very attractive). I want to call her a crooner that deserves to be at a piano bar making middle aged men sob. Atkins has a knack for creating dreamy melodies and elegant vocals, that even made Rolling Stone put her on the 10 Artists To Watch In 2006 list.

Not a bad list to make with a debut album on the way. Be sure to check out her site for more musical delicacies.

[MP3] Nicole Atkins & The SeaSkywriters
[MP3] Nicole Atkins & The SeaWar Torn
[MP3] Nicole Atkins & The SeaNeptune City

Unrelated to Ms. Atkins, I’ve noticed every time I post something about/related to The Flaming Lips‘ latest endeavor, At War With The Mystics, the comments tend to get as heated as an abortion argument. A lot of Mystics haters I am finding, although I love the new album. In the last Lips post I found a pretty argumentatively flared comment left by Matt in responses to Charles’ (linked) album review.

I’ll let you check it out for yourself, but I had a pretty good chuckle over it. Enjoy the rest of Friday and treat yourself to some AMAZING Ray LaMontagne B-Sides, posted by good ole’ Heather. Her blog just gets better and better, eh?

PS. Contest(s) coming soon..