I saw The Big Lebowski again today and I now remember why I love it so much. Seriously, if you haven’t seen it, you’re missing out.

In other news…

I’ve got to make this a quick little post so I can get to writing a paper, but it will still be as fun and captivating as all the other posts, don’t worry. The first thing I got for ya, if you haven’t heard it already, is a couple of songs from recent SXSW stars La Rocca. Their debut album is hitting stores on August 8th, but they’ve got an EP out already (buy it here). Also, catch them if you can with The Vacation on tour this spring.

[MP3] La RoccaSing Song Sung (recommended)
[MP3] La RoccaCambodia

Also, here are a couple of b-sides from Broken Social Scene‘s latest single release for Shoreline (buy it here). Check ‘em out:

[MP3] Broken Social SceneStars & Spit
[MP3] Broken Social SceneDeath Cock (that’s right…death cock)

One more thing… if you haven’t already picked these up, check it: Bloc Party‘s been busy as hell working on a new album for us, and have been showing off their new efforts at a couple of live shows across the pond. The quality isn’t great, but it at least gives us a taste of what’s to come later on:

[MP3] Bloc PartyBlue Moon (Live) (IGIF pick)
[MP3] Bloc PartyIt Started In An Afternoon (Live)
[MP3] Bloc PartyMachine (Live)
[MP3] Bloc PartyUniform (Live)
[MP3] Bloc PartyWaiting For The 7.18 (Live)

That’s it for now from me, but Nathaniel’s got some real good shit coming up for you guys, I swear.

The Small Faces

Normally I try to post about new bands for you guys, so the prospects of concert-going and new releases are still relevant, but this is just too good to pass up. I first got turned on to The Small Faces by my dad a couple of years ago, but only recently have they spent a decent amount of time in my iTunes rotation.

The Small Faces were one of Britain’s most successful and popular bands of the late Sixties. Steve Marriott, the group’s lead vocalist, was especially notorious, arguably one of the most important influences for Led Zeppelin…it was even rumored that Robert Plant was chosen as the band’s singer only after Don Arden, the Small Faces’ crime-connected manager, threatened to break Jimmy Page‘s fingers if Marriott was pulled away from his band…intense!

The Small Faces were regarded as second only to The Who as Britain’s premier Mod band, who stole much of the limelight from an arguably equally great band. The band’s success crossed over into the States with the release of Itchycoo Park(my favorite of theirs). Take a listen for yourselves:

[MP3] The Small FacesItchycoo Park (one of the greatest songs ever)
[MP3] The Small FacesCome On Children
[MP3] The Small FacesShow Me The Way
[MP3] The Small FacesThe Pig Trotters

A buddy of mine came running into my room the other day with a flash drive full of goodies, some old and some new. Amongst one of the bands he told me about, came a story of this crazy co-worker he used to work with back in the summer. My friend likes to describe this character as a “musical vagrant!” See, this guy takes musical crusades a few times a year to various CD shops across the nation where they sell CDs on average for $1. It doesn’t stop there, he spends about $600 per trip on various albums…coming back with hundreds, sometimes thousands of CDs. With so many CDs, he usually has a few good recommendations every now and then.

World Leader Pretend are on a major label, yet are only known in hot spots around the country. They’ve been posted about only a few times and deserve a little more credit on the blog circuit. I’ll keep this post short, and let some of these catchy Muse-ish songs speak for themselves.

[MP3] World Leader PretendLovey Dovey
[MP3] World Leader PretendA Horse of a Different
[MP3] World Leader PretendThe Masses

If you want more information on WLP, you can read a bio here and check out their official site too. I haven’t been able to post as much the past few days because I have been working on a few “unnamed blog related projects” that are gonna make you guys pretty excited.

No fear! One should be in a post tomorrow…dun dun dun.

Free Diamonds

I never really thought I’d be plugging a band like Free Diamonds. On first listen of their new album There Should Be More Dancing, nothing was really getting to me. The thrashy, garage rock sound, one whose void in my music collection had already been filled by Les Savy Fav (a band that I still don’t really listen to that much), just sort of mashed together into an indifferential 30 minute block of music… but for some reason, I decided to give the band one more shot, and I now realize how wrong my initial response was.

There Should Be More Dancing is actually a pretty complex album when boiled on high, full of not only shredding guitars and drums, but clever lyrics, catchy melodies, and even the occasional, pastoral Wolf Parade-like “movement” right at the end. If you’re looking for something different, maybe something you’ve shied away from in the past, give a few minutes to absord a few of these tracks:

[MP3] Free DiamondsThe Day We Conquered
[MP3] Free DiamondsThe List Of Everyone
[MP3] Free DiamondsInternational Gathering Of Champions

Head over to their Purevolume site for more mp3s!

I’m sure this is going to be on the blogging community’s Breakfast Menu of MP3s tomorrow morning, but it damn well should be. Those that have been following Bishop Allen are probably aware of their Sufjan-like workaholicism; 12 EPs in 12 months during 2006. They’ve been releasing each EP near the end of each month and March has finally passed, meaning more songs from one of the coolest bands on the block!

[MP3] Bishop AllenThe Monitor

February’s EPs sold out faster than Backstreet Boys tickets in Japan, and don’t expect March’s to stick around much longer. Especially with great songs like The Monitor, showing the more sensitive side of Bishop Allen; a side capable of heart warming vocals and ballad-esque writing styles that resonate through your ears like the eerie guitar looming in the background of the song.

The March EPs are getting back from the pressing company on April 18 and are being shipped out that day, so hurry up and buy one (for $6!) or you’re going to be missing out on another month’s worth of four song deliciousness.