You know the drill, baby.

[MP3] Ron Burgandy & The Channel 4 News TeamAfternoon Delight
I cannot possibly make any commentary to do any justice, what-so-ever, to this incredible cover.

[MP3] Josh RitterBlame It On The Tetons
Anyone who knows about the last Modest Mouse album, probably is familiar with this song. I was really excited when I got a free copy of the Thin Blue Flame single only to see the B-Side be a Modest Mouse cover! I’m sure Brian Deck had some influence on Ritter’s song selection, but I am really glad he did. Great cover of my favorite band by one of my favorite solo artists.

[MP3] James BluntWhere Is My Mind?
I’m normally not a James Blunt fan. Sure, I liked his voice and songs when I had first heard them but like a good piece of fruit.. It eventually spoiled. However, for 4:36 of great covering abilities I momentarily forgot my dislike for Mr. Blunt. It’s a pretty good cover and his voice does a pretty decent job of emulating the uniqueness of the Pixies.

I just remembered how much I love the Pixies. Excuse me while I go listen to Doolittle a few dozen times. I’m totally serial, guys.


Problem: I need more “p” bands. Solution: Polytechnic, for starters. I grabbed this randomly from a friend who went to one of their lives shows because he said they sounded like CYHSY. The verdict? Yeah, heh, they kinda do, but don’t expect just some wannabe from across the pond, Polytechnic are just as hardcore/grassroots/hypeable/carefree/smug as the bouncy Brooklynites. They just don’t have as much money. Let’s all pitch in to change that last fact, shall we?

Unlike any of the indie cliches from this city, this is music from Manchester via Montreal; Arcade Fire’s sense of drama and scaling heights are a clear reference point here. - Manchester Metro

Arcade Fire and CYHSY?? Ok ok, now you must be bullshitting us. While that reviewer was obviously pining for the wow effect, that doesn’t smudge the fact that the music speaks for itself:

[MP3] PolytechnicPEP (highly recommended)
[MP3] PolytechnicRunning Out Of Ideas

Visit Polytechnic’s Official Site for the usual shiz they put on official sites.

Being part of the blogging community is a privilege. The ability to write and express one’s love and interest in (new) music to a group of readers is one of the most enjoyable experiences of my life. I think anyone that runs a blog would agree with me on that aspect, it becomes a part of what you do everyday. Sometimes, outside the realm of the music scene, there are things that grab a blogger’s interest strongly – making them want to share it with their readers.

This is one of those times.

Recently a tour stopped by my school (and Connor’s as well) to screen a documentary on the Ugandan War. It was a great film- full of raw footage, emotion, and hard-hitting truth. Any more it seems that documentary films are too reliant on the creator’s opinions and bias, which isn’t always a horrible thing, but isn’t exactly what a documentary film is supposed to be full of.

Invisible Children documents three young Californian filmmakers travel to Africa the day the Iraqi invasion begins. They intended to film about the Sudan but end up finding their story in northern Uganda by means of an 18-year long war that few Americans are aware of. The film documents the tragedy of child soldiers and more generally how war affects the thousands of children in the region. Observing the changes the three filmmakers undergo, from naïve college grads to compassionate creators of a new movement, is eye-opening. Their movie is well made and very powerful.

Watching this movie will not only open your eyes and inform you but more importantly, make you want to do something about this horrifically cruel situation. Hopefully posting about such a movie will move you guys as it’s moved us. Take the time to watch it, if you can. It’s not even an hour in length- yet its impacts are life long.

[MOVIE] Invisible ChildrenRough Cut

Head over to their site for all the ways you can help fuel the movement.


Chebeague is essentially the work of August Brown, a talented singer/songwriter out of L.A. (of all places). Their sound is best metaphorized by the obliteratedly raped cliché of a tumbleweed blowing in the wind: light and bouncy with a bit of twang, confident and directional, and a little rough around the edges (but not too rough to damage it’s character), and they’ve been compared to such greats as Elliott Smith, Neutral Milk Hotel, and perhaps most accurately Bright Eyes.

Melancholic, hopeful, delicate and mysterious, Chebeague is a home for those haunting stories and melodies that stay with you long after you think youve left them behind. – Chris Barton

[MP3] ChebeagueKeeping Quiet

In other news…

The Raconteurs have a new singe, which means they also have a new b-side. It’s not exactly what I would expect (an instrumental, and I’m pretty sure it’s a standard too…) but it’s not bad.

[MP3] The RaconteursThe Bane Rendition

If you remember the interview I did with Josh Ritter, then you’ll remember how talented of a musician and nice of a guy he is. Shortly following the interview, Mr. Ritter was so kind as to get me on the guestlist for his show at the Southgate House. Since obsessively listening to his latest CD and having seen him at Bonnaroo, I was very stoked to see him live with new music and acting as the headlining act.

In short, the show was amazing. Like always, Josh was extremely excited to be performing in front of people and couldn’t stop smiling. He told a many jokes as well as stories about various songs and life experiences. Who knew that if you install a doorbell incorrectly that it can kill someone? Or so he claimed. He was (almost) too appreciative of the audience that came to see him and played his heart out. I got a chance to hang out with him after the show for a little bit and realized that he is (one of the) neatest people I have ever met. He said he is going to log on to the site and comment on some posts. We’ll see what happens; if you get a chance I urge you to go see Josh Ritter!

Posted below are some pictures from the show at the Southgate House. The lighting, for some reason, was extremely dark that night so some of my pictures are dim and not the best of quality. Be sure to click “Continue Reading” for some more pics!

The concert was unforgettable, for a few reasons. First off, I had lost my wallet earlier that day and was searching for a solid hour or two attempting to find it. Since I was on the guestlist, I wasn’t too concerned if I couldn’t find it before I left. No big deal, right? We arrive at the Southgate House and make our way to the front of the (rather long) entrance line. I tell the lady my name, only so she can’t find it on the list. This is fantastic, right? I tried to tell her that I had interviewed Josh a few weeks back, his agent put me on the list, etc. She wasn’t buying a single word of it, despite my honest-to-God demeanor.

What does a blogger do? He gathers the balls to call Josh Ritter (since I had his number still stored in my phone) and tell him of my complications. To my surprise (and embarrassment) he answered. I told him what had happened and he apologized over and over about the problem and that he was going to send someone up from backstage to get me in. His tour manager comes up and resolves the problem, much to his own displeasure, and leaves once we get checked in. To top it all off, the security guard asks for my ID. He wouldn’t let me in without an ID.

Enter: lost wallet.

Now this guy was skinnier than me, shorter than me, and looked so greasy I often wondered if his name was Lee and that he was a chicken master. Despite my arguing, facial hair, family resemblence to my little sister (who just turned 18), 2 vouching friends, and being on the gueslist.. This guy was like the Berlin Wall of non-intimidating security guards. I was forced to call my mom who was kind enough to bring me my wallet (which she had found under a stack of “submitted to iGIF” material…Go figure!) and I finally got in after the bastard read every line on the license from my eye color to who the country clerk was. Asshole.

I swear, between my dorm catching on fire and that concert experience.. I have the worst karma.