James Figurine

Coolest album artwork thus far in my book:

James Figurine (aka DNTEL aka Figurine aka Jimmy Tamborello also of The Postal Service) has been getting a lot of attention recently surrounding the upcoming release of his debut (at least under this name), Mistake Mistake Mistake Mistake. All the hubbub is fervently justified, and expectations are consequently high due to Tamborello’s success with his past projects, most notably TPS (not the reports). What I’ve heard so far sounds a lot like DNTEL, despite the notable absense of Tamborello’s trademark glitch style electronica, something his other projects are riddled with.

[MP3] James FigurineAll The Way To China
Here’s my favorite track, and also the one with the most apt title. I can’t help imagining that I’m riding on one of those express trains in Asia, everything passing by at lightspeed, unable to absorb anything but an amalgam of light and blurred repitition…the train nursing every turn and chugging along as pistons fire and the earth rumbles below.

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Bonus MP3:

[MP3] Ben GibbardThis Is The Dream Of Evan And Chan (DNTEL Cover)

Best. Site. Ever.

Quick update here guys. I got a tip from a reader about this site, a freaking mecca of T.V. show theme songs, most from the late eighties/early nineties cartoon shows. How perfect is that? So many memories are flooding back to me… I mean, holy freaking god, Fraggle Rock! How cool is that?? Here are my fav’s:

[MP3] Captain Planet
[MP3] Carebears
[MP3] Darkwing Duck
[MP3] Doug (classic)
[MP3] Duck Tales
[MP3] Family Matters
[MP3] Fraggle Rock
[MP3] Full House
[MP3] Pee Wee’s Playhouse
[MP3] Saved By The Bell
[MP3] Smurfs
[MP3] Tailspin
[MP3] Tiny Toons

Get the rest here!

In between working all day, seeing X-Men 3 at midnight last night (friggin’ sweet), and a trip to the ER at 3 AM. It is safe to say that I am exhausted, which sucks because it’s taking away from my posting! Except here is a feature that I have contemplated starting for awhile but have never got around to it.

Within a week, there are usually 4-6 songs that I end up playing the hell out of because I get obsessed with them for the time being. Most of the time they’re new songs but every now and then they are older songs. So, if this post goes anywhere near to decent – every week I’ll post the “holy trinity” of songs that have been owning my iTunes play count.

[MP3] Regina SpektorSamson
This song is just beautiful. Period. I know I posted on her just recently and didn’t mention this song, so now I am. I can’t even describe how good it is. “You are my sweetest downfall / I loved you first” What a great line. WHAT A GREAT SONG!!

[MP3] Mason JenningsIf You Ain’t Got Love
Mason could sing a story about a serial killer terrorizing half of Wyoming and I would still find it to be a great story. His truly folk-esque style of telling great stories with his lyrics is an amazing skill. This is no exception to that statement. This song off his new album (Boneclouds) is a great gem.

[MP3] The FormatShe Doesn’t Get It
The past two weeks were great new albums from old artists week for me. I wasn’t sure what to think of their sophomore release at first, but it’s really starting to grow on me. The use of raspy chanting in the second verse as well as the use of bells in the chorus is a new and great touch they’ve utilized between albums.

I give you this week’s Holy Trinity – The Format, The Spektor, and The Holy Jennings.

Thursday is here again. I’m so ready for this weekend. I’m super tired right now from working out the ying yang as of late, but I have Memorial Day Drinkapalooza to look forward too.

[MP3] Aimee Mann & Michael PennTwo Of Us
One of my favorite Beatles songs ever. Apparently this song, written by Paul, had parts that were directed towards the breakup they experienced shortly after Let It Be released. The beauty of this song lies within the line “You and I have memories, longer than the road that stretches out ahead..” directed towards John.

[MP3] Damien RiceCreep
With all the hoopla surrounding Radiohead and their tour/new release, it’s only honorable that I post this fantastic cover by Mr. Rice. Damien does a good job of taking this song and Irish-fying it, whilst keeping the mysticism of a Radiohead song in tact.

[MP3] Phanton PlanetOur House
This is such a classic song. I can’t wait to see CSN&Y with my Dad this summer and was just telling my good friend that this song would be the best song to cover. Phantom Planet’s version is pretty decent, but I still think that this song could make for an amazing cover by my friend’s band or someone like The Flaming Lips? Mark my words dammit!

I’m going to sleep now.

Thanks to whoever ripped and uploaded this on OiNK/IT. Thought I’d share it with you. Apparently, Animal Collective “sampled” a few lyrics from the Stevie Wonder song “I Just Call To Say I Love You” but were not able to get clearance to use the lyrics in the mastered version of Feels. Part of the lyrics can be heard on the album, but not in full as intended. The band, in an awesome move, has decided to release a white label, limited edition vinyl 7″ with the original version of “The Purple Bottle” as well as a cover of Nirvana‘s “Polly” as the b-side. Here’s what AC member The Geologist himself had to say about the release:

“does everyone know what a white label is? i assume some of you do, but for those who don’t, white labels are illegal releases. they are most prevalent in the techno and hip hop world when a song contains a sample that did not receive clearance to be used, but the artist still wants to release it. the song is then released on a piece of vinyl with no writing on the label or sleeve, and no serial number, so there is nothing the owner of the rights can use to prove who released it. it can’t officially be traced to any artist or label. if anyone has been following the bmore club music scene, that’s pretty much all white labels. i actually don’t have one of these AC white labels (and that’s really the truth, though i want one) but both songs on this could never be legally released since one contains the stevie wonder reference and one is a nirvana song. but if motown or courtney love ever decide to come after whoever put this out, they can’t do shit because there’s no serial number, no artist name, and no label name to trace it back to. and the fact that its so limited means no money will be made off it so there’s no reason for them to get an investigator on the case in the first place.”

Why does this all matter? Well, apparently, somehow, a copy of the white label 7″ leaked and was subsequently ripped for our downloading pleasure. The song is almost identically the same (aside from the crappy vinyl rip quality), with the same track length. If you skip to around the 2:30 mark, you can clearly hear the Stevie Wonder lyrics, which are muffled in the Feels version. Here’s the song:

[MP3] Animal CollectiveThe Purple Bottle (Stevie Wonder Version)

Animal Collective will apparently release the vinyl-only limited (500 copies) white label single on July 4th, so make sure to be on the ball that morning, as I’m sure it will sell out fast.