In between working all day, seeing X-Men 3 at midnight last night (friggin’ sweet), and a trip to the ER at 3 AM. It is safe to say that I am exhausted, which sucks because it’s taking away from my posting! Except here is a feature that I have contemplated starting for awhile but have never got around to it.

Within a week, there are usually 4-6 songs that I end up playing the hell out of because I get obsessed with them for the time being. Most of the time they’re new songs but every now and then they are older songs. So, if this post goes anywhere near to decent – every week I’ll post the “holy trinity” of songs that have been owning my iTunes play count.

[MP3] Regina SpektorSamson
This song is just beautiful. Period. I know I posted on her just recently and didn’t mention this song, so now I am. I can’t even describe how good it is. “You are my sweetest downfall / I loved you first” What a great line. WHAT A GREAT SONG!!

[MP3] Mason JenningsIf You Ain’t Got Love
Mason could sing a story about a serial killer terrorizing half of Wyoming and I would still find it to be a great story. His truly folk-esque style of telling great stories with his lyrics is an amazing skill. This is no exception to that statement. This song off his new album (Boneclouds) is a great gem.

[MP3] The FormatShe Doesn’t Get It
The past two weeks were great new albums from old artists week for me. I wasn’t sure what to think of their sophomore release at first, but it’s really starting to grow on me. The use of raspy chanting in the second verse as well as the use of bells in the chorus is a new and great touch they’ve utilized between albums.

I give you this week’s Holy Trinity – The Format, The Spektor, and The Holy Jennings.

Thursday is here again. I’m so ready for this weekend. I’m super tired right now from working out the ying yang as of late, but I have Memorial Day Drinkapalooza to look forward too.

[MP3] Aimee Mann & Michael PennTwo Of Us
One of my favorite Beatles songs ever. Apparently this song, written by Paul, had parts that were directed towards the breakup they experienced shortly after Let It Be released. The beauty of this song lies within the line “You and I have memories, longer than the road that stretches out ahead..” directed towards John.

[MP3] Damien RiceCreep
With all the hoopla surrounding Radiohead and their tour/new release, it’s only honorable that I post this fantastic cover by Mr. Rice. Damien does a good job of taking this song and Irish-fying it, whilst keeping the mysticism of a Radiohead song in tact.

[MP3] Phanton PlanetOur House
This is such a classic song. I can’t wait to see CSN&Y with my Dad this summer and was just telling my good friend that this song would be the best song to cover. Phantom Planet’s version is pretty decent, but I still think that this song could make for an amazing cover by my friend’s band or someone like The Flaming Lips? Mark my words dammit!

I’m going to sleep now.

Thanks to whoever ripped and uploaded this on OiNK/IT. Thought I’d share it with you. Apparently, Animal Collective “sampled” a few lyrics from the Stevie Wonder song “I Just Call To Say I Love You” but were not able to get clearance to use the lyrics in the mastered version of Feels. Part of the lyrics can be heard on the album, but not in full as intended. The band, in an awesome move, has decided to release a white label, limited edition vinyl 7″ with the original version of “The Purple Bottle” as well as a cover of Nirvana‘s “Polly” as the b-side. Here’s what AC member The Geologist himself had to say about the release:

“does everyone know what a white label is? i assume some of you do, but for those who don’t, white labels are illegal releases. they are most prevalent in the techno and hip hop world when a song contains a sample that did not receive clearance to be used, but the artist still wants to release it. the song is then released on a piece of vinyl with no writing on the label or sleeve, and no serial number, so there is nothing the owner of the rights can use to prove who released it. it can’t officially be traced to any artist or label. if anyone has been following the bmore club music scene, that’s pretty much all white labels. i actually don’t have one of these AC white labels (and that’s really the truth, though i want one) but both songs on this could never be legally released since one contains the stevie wonder reference and one is a nirvana song. but if motown or courtney love ever decide to come after whoever put this out, they can’t do shit because there’s no serial number, no artist name, and no label name to trace it back to. and the fact that its so limited means no money will be made off it so there’s no reason for them to get an investigator on the case in the first place.”

Why does this all matter? Well, apparently, somehow, a copy of the white label 7″ leaked and was subsequently ripped for our downloading pleasure. The song is almost identically the same (aside from the crappy vinyl rip quality), with the same track length. If you skip to around the 2:30 mark, you can clearly hear the Stevie Wonder lyrics, which are muffled in the Feels version. Here’s the song:

[MP3] Animal CollectiveThe Purple Bottle (Stevie Wonder Version)

Animal Collective will apparently release the vinyl-only limited (500 copies) white label single on July 4th, so make sure to be on the ball that morning, as I’m sure it will sell out fast.

Yes, I pre-made this post because I’ll be at work all day. I can promise that it doesn’t take away from the aural goodness inside this edition of Bonnaroo Bound ’06.

Now that we’re one week closer to Bonnaroo, I can shed light onto the next musical act of my mini-festival series. DeVotchKa is a very talented and very unique quartet out of Denver who derive their name from Anthony BurgessNadsat word for “young girl.” You could classify their specs as indie – but not their sound. They incorporate steady blends of rock and jazz with roots that seem to stem from a folk (nearly Gypsy) influence. They are masters of blending upright bass, glockenspiel, tuba, accordion, trumpet and theremin into an exotic mix of South American rhythms, Eastern European gypsy melodies and North American folk music. Their unique sound and energry is unlike any other band I have come across recently. You’ll find their eccentric and distraught vocals to be the perfect match to their melodically emotional music.

[MP3] DeVotchKaHow It Ends
Clocking in at an even seven minutes, this is a string-laden gem of a ballad. The simple intro of keyboard and accordion leads to a vocal crescendo that nearly mimics the despairing consistency of rain on a tin roof. This track may remind some of a tragic ending that you’re forced to be content with. The title track and greatest highlight of their album – in my opinion.

[MP3] DeVotchKaYou Love Me
As musically complicated as their album may be, DeVotchKa still manages to wow listeners with the use of a few simple stringed instruments. Songs about love with acoustic guitars, violins, and wailing vocals can never be that bad. They manage to back up that hypothesis fully.

[MP3] DeVotchKaSuch A Lovely Thing
Remember how I described their sound as somewhat gypsy? The tracks posted above may not have clearly displayed their said “gypsy-like melodies!” No worries, if this track doesn’t scream Eastern European brouhaha than I don’t know what does. Other than these guys. This song just makes me want to dance on a table with my mouth grinning and wide open while under the influence of German beer.

BONUS [MP3] DeVotchKaVenus In Furs (Velvet Underground Cover)

Since Bonnaroo just announced their lineup schedule, you can bet your sweet ass that I’ll be front and center for these guys on Thursday. If you’re not going to the mudslinging festival.. Be sure to check out their tour dates and buy their latest album. It’s good through and through.

Hey everyone, my name is Louie. Since IGIF rarely covers hip-hop, I’ll be giving you a deeper look into the music through all the stuff I have listened to over the years. My tastes are pretty broad so look forward to a little of everything, from Biggie to Blackalicious

Thanks to E-40 and a few others, the Bay Area is starting to get its long overdue respect as a thriving hip-hop community. Even though the Hyphy movement has popularized mainstream music in the Bay, there are plenty of underground artists that have held their own as well. Zion I (emcee Zion and DJ Amp Live) is a hip-hop duo out of Oakland (my hometown) that is definitely on the rise. The variety in their music heightens that West Coast sound, and Zion proves his abilities with some very bright and real lines. Check out these songs off of their newest album, True & Livin’:

[MP3] Zion IDoin’ My Thang
This one has a nice, mellow beat that sets the vibe for the rest of the album. Zion’s flow reminds me of Mos Def because he rhymes in complete control over the beat. Don’t resist the urge to dance to this one.

[MP3] Zion IThe Bay
I had to include this one, mostly because it gives props to my home and tends to be a favorite among my friends. If you want to see a music video of the song, check out Zion I’s MySpace page

[MP3] Zion IPoems 4 Post Modern Decay
Probably my favorite on the album, this song has everything: an addicting beat, an amazing verse by one of the most notable underground rappers, Aesop Rock, and a powerful poem at the finish. If you like songs that get political, you’ll definitely enjoy this one.

Head over to Zion I’s MySpace for more MP3s!
You can buy True & Livin’ and other Zion I merch here.

Editor’s Note: Props to Louie for making this site a little more hip-hop friendly. You should all thank him for saving you all from my “white boy” prose which ultimately would have destroyed any rap credibility we may have had. The plan, which in my experience never ends up as intended, is to have Louie post once a week. Feel that tickle? That’s called exuberance, my friends. Just remember to pick up when it calls.