I got this promo in the mail today for yet another release in the DJ Kicks compilation series, number 27 to be exact, mixed by none other than Keiran Hebden a.k.a. Four Tet himself. The 20-song compilation includes a brand new track from FT, called “Pockets” (not his best work, but still…it’s FT, it’s gotta be good), and also songs from Animal Collective, Madvillain, Curtis Mayfield and many others. Here are a few of my fav’s from the mix:

EDIT: MP3s removed upon request.

[MP3] Animal CollectiveBaby Day
This was originally released as the b-side to “Who Could Win A Rabbit?” (I had no idea)…it’s a great, great AC song that combines the more wild, electronic stuff from Here Comes The Indian with the more melody, harmony-driven stuff from Sung Tongs. This is where I feel Animal Collective needs to be…not so obscure that it’s jarring noise, and not so pop that it becomes meaningless. A truly great song from a band with a lot of hits and misses.

[MP3] MadvillainFigaro (ST101 Remix)
I think I almost like this remix more than the original…what do you guys say?

[MP3] Four TetPockets (new!)
This one drags on a bit too much for my tastes…and I know, a lot of Four Tet drags on, but most of it is amazing (Unspoken is one of my favorite songs, and one of his longest)…but at only 5:00, it really shouldn’t drag on. It’s still enjoyable, but not what I’ve come to expect from Keiran. What do you guys think?

[MP3] Shona People Of RhodesiaTaireva
This track has that great, fuzzy Congotronics sound that I freaking LOVE…this is a sound that could go on forever, and I don’t think I’d ever get tired of it. It’s like each note is a drop of rain in a rainstorm that you’re stuck in, but it’s one of those storms where you’re already soaked and it seems like nothing in the world matters anymore… you just want to run around and dance and jump in mud and yell as loud as you can.

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Find more MP3s from Four Tet here

[MP3] Oh No! Oh My!I Guess I’m Floating (To Kentucky)

I guess I’m floating straight into Kentucky in an air balloon
An air balloon
I guess I’m floating straight into Kentucky in an air balloon
An air balloon

He is single
Girls should date him

This song is not more than 48 hours old or longer than 1:30, but I find it amazing. I even recommended that they use it as “transitional piece” on their next album. With Joel’s Thom Yorke like quest for unique electronic beats and melodies and Greg’s voice, this short song is just neat to listen to. Greg had warned me of his blatant public service announcement/lyrics of our (recently discussed) somewhat pathetic dating dilemma, though I didn’t think he was going to sing it. Alas, he did. Crazy bastard. And alas, ON!OM! is starting to get attention from PFork – way to go fellas.

Ok. The last 48 hours have sucked.

Yesterday, after 10 hours without internet and messing around with new routers/modems, which is exactly how I wanted to spend my day off, I managed to get the web back in full effect at about 12:13 AM. I make a sweet post (this one) and was going to post it when I got off work at 3 PM today. Thanks to sucky management, I was stuck at the restaurant until just now. So, trust me when I say I am sorry and would much rather be posting than serving tables.

A day late and a dollar short? Never! June 1st marked (my home state) Kentucky becoming the 15th state some 214 years ago.

Kentucky is home to many things. Bourbon, thoroughbred racing, crazy basketball fans, Abraham Lincoln, bluegrass, fried chicken, Johnny Depp, George Clooney, Hunter S. Thompson, and (most importantly) half of iGIF. Ok, just kidding about that last part.. But the state of Kentucky is a great state. I know what you’re thinking, “What’s so great about tobacco and hillbillies?” We’re not all hillbillies, but we do have our fair share. One of only four Commonwealth States, Kentucky’s top three cashcrops are: bourbon/whiskey, tobacco, and marijuana. Nestled between the three cash crops of a typical Friday night are cities like Lexington, Louisville, and Northern Kentucky (home to the Cincinnati Airport and yours truly). As previously mentioned, Kentucky is well known for thoroughbred horses, horse racing, local bourbon whisky distilleries, bluegrass music, and college basketball. While Kentucky’s pastimes are distinctly those of the South, our Northern flare makes Kentucky a gem amongst the trite Midwest.

Sit back, have a few glasses of Maker’s Mark and enjoy these songs.

[MP3] Brendan BensonGold Into Straw
[MP3] Bob DylanMan Of Constant Sorrow
[MP3] Chris WhitleyBig Sky Country
[MP3] Iron and WineJason Loves Kentucky
[MP3] Tom WaitsKentucky Avenue
[MP3] Sufjan StevensAbraham
[MP3] The Chinese StarsThe Fastest Horse Yet
[MP3] PavementKentucky Cocktail
[MP3] The BeatlesBlue Moon Of Kentucky
[MP3] KDMy Kentucky Home
[MP3] Modest MouseSo Much Beauty In Dirt
[MP3] My Morning JacketNashville to Kentucky (KY Natives!)
[MP3] The ShinsMine’s Not A High Horse
[MP3] Tom WaitsJockey Full Of Bourbon
[MP3] The KinksKentucky Moon
[MP3] Ray LaMontagneAll The Wild Horses

I was talking to Joel and Greg from Oh No! Oh My! while constructing this post and we did some online musical bartering, of sorts. Long story short, they are now contributing their genius/hilarious song about Kentucky and yours truly that they personally crafted for all you loyal iGIF readers. Pay close attention to the lyrics! This song shall get another post, no worries. Enjoy!

Bonus [MP3] Oh No! Oh My!I Guess I’m Floating (To Kentucky) (NEW!)

Be sure to pay homage to the other bloggers that live(d) in Kentucky: YANP and MOKB. Also, for Christ’s sake, check out Tree’s Lounge awesome 50 States project! He already covered The Bluegrass State and has a lot of the same songs I’ve got plus A TON more. He runs a helluva blog.

Here’s one from a band that took the liberty to reach out and e-troduce themselves to us through that nifty “if you’re a band and would like to submit yada yada” shpiel to your right. They call themselves Flying (like that totally badass, totally underrated Beatles instrumental on Magical Mystery Tour) and they play music of a genre that’s hard to put one’s finger on. It’s DIY, it’s no-holds-barred, and it’s freshy-fresh good times complete with knee slapping and toe tapping. That whole cray-zee thing.

[MP3] FlyingMinors

Purchase their album Just-one-second-ago-broken Eggshell (it’s totally worth every penny)

Gina agrees with me (and Gina knows 34 ways to kill a man using just three fingers, so you oughta listen to every word she says)

Bonus MP3s (because I love you):

[MP3] The BeatlesFlying
[MP3] The BeatlesFlying (Alternate Mix)
[MP3] The BeatlesFlying (Extended Mix)

[MP3] Chris WhitleyDirt Floor

There’s a dirt floor underneath here
To receive us when changes fail.
May this shovel loose your trouble;
Let them fall away.

Well the mist shall be your blanket
While the moss shall ease your head.
As the future is soon forgotten;
As the dirt shall be your bed.

There’s a dirt floor underneath here
To receive us when changes fail.
May this shovel loose your trouble;
Let them fall away

Whitley, who passed away late last year, was quite possibly one of his generation’s most gifted songwriters. His lyricism, particularly about death and passing, is some of the most honest, earnest, and poetic prose I’ve ever come across in song. There may not seem to be a lot to this piece, but the boldness of the images, particularly the first two lines, is undeniable.