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As any propagandist will tell you (stop laughing, I’m serious), repetition sells. Why do you think Chris is so damn popular? <-- this guy's got clout, let me tell you, and he's got about a billion posts on Sufjan Stevens to thank for it. It’s why awful songs get played on the radio over and over and over again. It’s why “all press is good press.” It’s why I can now look at Cate Blanchett without making this face. So without further ado, here’s a recap of what I’ve been obsessing over/posted on over the last month or two. Shameless, maybe, but oh so sweet.

[MP3] +/- [plus/minus]Steal The Blueprints
Here’s a band that really came out of nowhere for me, particularly because a) they’re so damn good and b) I hadn’t heard them before. This song will undoubtedly end up on my year’s best list.

[MP3] We Will BuildWhite Furniture
These guys won an IGIF contest a little while back, and to top that, they are virtually unheard of! Here’s my favorite song of theirs, an upbeat DNTEL-esq electronica masterpiece, also on my year’s best list.

[MP3] Sunset RubdownThey Took A Vote And Said No
Wolf Parade frontman Spencer Krug’s side project #1 is really picking up steam in the indie world, especially after winning Pitchfork’s BNM honors…and also for being ridiculously, ridiculously good sounding.

[MP3] Sufjan StevensNo Man’s Land
Who else but Sufjan Stevens. I’m not normally a huge fan of patriotic ballads, but I’ll let this one slide…and I pray, and expect, that there’s a steaming pile of metaphor somewhere in this epic. Song of the Year contender.

[MP3] PhoenixLong Distance Call
After the “Lost In Translation” buzz had died, we didn’t hear a lot from “that French band.” Now they’ve got a new album on the way, and if this song is any indication, it’s gonna be good.

[MP3] National EyeThe Switch
For fans of Sunset Rubdown, anything out of Montreal, and bouncy indie pop. Here’s a terribly underrated band that’s been pretty neglected in the indie world. It’s a shame too, because they’ve got a great album on their hands, and a whole lot of potential.

[MP3] Mystery JetsThe Boy Who Ran Away
Disappointed by The Futurehead’s newly discovered sound? Look no further than Mystery Jets, flying from across the pond in a big, awesome British flurry. Random acapella included.

[MP3] Little OnesLovers Who Uncover
This song’s got it all: hand clapping, Shins fans-friendly vocals, a catchy chorus, and plenty of buzzzzzz. It’s one of my favorites of the year, hands down, and I’m more than excited to see what else Little Ones have to offer.

[MP3] IrvingThe Gentle Preservation Of Children’s Minds
A song that blurs the line between “indie” and mainstream, because it could easily go either way. Anyone else notice how similar this song is to DCFC’s Different Names For The Same Thing?

[MP3] Cold War KidsWe Used To Vacation
A great song told in story-mode about a guy on the edge of a breakdown. Cold War Kids came out of nowhere with two excellent EPs under their belt, and a whole lot of wiggle room.

[MP3] Cadence WeaponBlack Hand
After seeing a great performace as he opened up for Islands and Why?, I bought Breaking Kayfabe and haven’t been able to put it down. This is my favorite song of his, and maybe my favorite rap song this year so far.

[MP3] The Argyle WishlistWe’ll Change Our Minds Eventually
Speaking of Islands, here’s a band that almost mimics Nick Diamonds’ vocals squeak for squeak. A great album from an almost unheard of band. Can’t wait to hear what they sound like with a bigger budget.

There…now doesn’t that make this look like the best blog ever!?! All that great music and all…(shameless). Anyway, I’ve got to go watch the United States put Morocco through torture and embarrassment. More to come later.

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As promised, here’s another freakin’ contest! with yet another sweet prize! Up for grabs this time is an advanced copy of The Submarines‘ brand friggin’ new record, Declare A New State. It’s a really fun, poppy, “cute” album, for all you indie-pop freaks.

If you have yet to endulge in their music, Nathaniel posted a little quip about them a little while back. Check out these MP3s while I think of the contest rules:

[MP3] The SubmarinesPeace & Hate
[MP3] The SubmarinesVote
[MP3] The SubmarinesClouds

Ok, I thought of a contest. To enter, all you have to do is give me a link to a song, preferably one I haven’t heard before (obviously), and the one I like best wins. For those of you who don’t have a server to host files, I’d suggest looking both here and here for the song in question, and just posting the link if you find one. Easy enough, eh? Good luck amigos.

It’s been a while since we’ve had a contest, so I’ve decided to run TWO of them! The first of which is for a freakin’ awesome signed copy of La Rocca’s Sing Song Sung EP, which kicks some super serial rock ass. To enter, make up a word and write it in the comments. The funniest word wins. Sorry, I know that isn’t very fun, but it’s quick and easy, dammit, so stop complaining, enter your damn word, and maybe you’ll win the prize. ;-)

If you don’t know anything about La Rocca, you can read a nice review of their EP here. Check out these tracks while you’re at it:

[MP3] La RoccaSing Song Sung (highly rec’d)
[MP3] La RoccaCambodia

Bonus Video:

[MOV] La RoccaSing Song Sung (for all you Tisch hipsters)

UPDATE: Please remember to leave contact info, like an email address, with your word entry! Good luck!

It was yesterday evening that my 8 year-old brother and I went to the movies to see Over The Hedge starring a star studded voice cast. For those of you that think Steve Carell can’t be funny as a computer generated squirrel with A.D.D., you’re completely wrong. I still haven’t decided if it’s worse to “LOL” at an AIM conversation or a computer generated movie. Needless to say, I laughed a lot during that flick.

I’m not here to rant about how good of a movie it is but, rather, how good the music is! Ben Folds has one of those voices that is automatically recognizable. Within the first 20 minutes of the movie a song started to play that was Ben Folds and I kind of grinned and was like, “Hey, its Ben Folds!” Then another Ben Folds song was used. And another. AND ANOTHER.

Pretty soon there were four Ben Folds songs at separate times in the movie, all of which I had never heard before (save for one). Going into the movie I had no idea that Folds had contributed five unreleased tracks to the official soundtrack – all of which are perfectly written for the current scenes and themes in the movie. Three new songs, one Clash cover, and a rewrite to “Rockin’ The Suburbs.” A testament to his great songwriting abilities? A favor guaranteed to friend and Over The Hedge voice actor William Shatner? Folds’ love for computer generated movies? Although I say “yes” to all of the above.. We may never really know the answer, but what I do know is that these songs are pretty damn good. Check out “Still (Reprise)” especially – it’s really good.

[MP3] Ben FoldsFamily Of Me
[MP3] Ben FoldsHeist
[MP3] Ben FoldsStill
[MP3] Ben FoldsLost In The Supermarket (The Clash Cover)
[MP3] Ben FoldsStill (Reprise)
[MP3] Ben FoldsRockin’ The Suburbs (Over The Hedge Version)

He did a cool blog entry on his MySpace talking about the production and energy that went into working on a major motion picture soundtrack. Going to see Hedge is not a bad idea – at all. Better yet, for those without a little sibling/child or those that can’t stomach a kiddy flick… BUY the soundtrack! I’m just glad they didn’t ask Avril to do the soundtrack.

One of the most anticipated releases of the year (at least for me) came out today: Tunng‘s Comments Of The Inner Chorus, a crazy, neo-folk/electronica mish mash that sounds like the result of a Four Tet and Elliott Smith collab. Funny, too, because as with FT, Tunng also uses a mix of real, acoustic instruments and electronic blips and effects…and as with ES, they took the layered vocals approach…ok, ok, you get my drift.

Tunng had a spot of brilliance, both musically and entrepreneurially, as they decided to release a cover of the more-popular-than-jesus Bloc Party as a single (see below). What a perfect P.R. move for a band that few had heard of up until then. Anyway, take a listen to a few of these tracks taken from today’s release:

[MP3] TunngJenny Again (for AL)
[MP3] TunngThe Wind Up Bird

Grab more Sung Tongs…err…Tunng songs over at the Hype Machine
Get off your asses and buy this record!
Stylus gave it a B+

Bonus MP3 #1:

[MP3] TunngThe Pioneers (Bloc Party Cover) (great cover)

Bonus MP3 #2:

[MP3] The Arcade FireMaps (Yeah Yeah Yeahs Cover)
Didn’t even know this existed until yesterday, figured maybe a few of you hipsters might be outta the loop too. I don’t really know how I feel about the song yet though…don’t be expecting Funeral, that’s for sure.