Six Six Six!

I’m getting ready to go see The Omen with my buddy, and I was reminded about the whole 6/6/6 thing. I remember them talking about the witching hour in that latest Exorcist installment. Explaining that 3:00 AM is the witching hour, which evil spirits use to mock the Holy Trinity. Significantly, it is the opposite of 3:00 PM, the hour at which Jesus died.

Oh Satan! You and your mockery.

[MP3] Jenny LewsRun Devil Run
[MP3] Modest MouseThis Devil’s Workday
[MP3] Sufjan StevensIn The Devil’s Territory
[MP3] TarikoDevil’s Elbow
[MP3] Murder By DeathThe Devil In Mexico
[MP3] Charlie Daniels BandThe Devil Went Down To Georgia

Check out the history and origin of 666 here.

Enjoy your day of 06/06/06 and avoid being possessed and sacrificing animals.

Thank you.

[MP3] Loudon Wainwright IIIThe Swimming Song

This summer I went swimming
This summer I might have drowned
But I held my breath and I kicked my feet and I moved my arms around
I moved my arms around

This summer I swam in the ocean
And I swam in a swimming pool
Salt my wounds, chlorined my eyes
I’m a self-destructive fool
I’m a self-destructive fool

This summer I did the back stroke
And you know that that’s not all
I did the breast stroke and the butterfly
And the old Australian crawl
The old Australian crawl

This summer I swam in a public place
And a reservoir to boot
At the latter I was informal
At the former I wore my suit
I wore my swimming suit

Oh, this summer I did swan dives
And jack-knives for you all
And once when you weren’t looking
I did a cannon-ball
I did a cannon-ball

This summer I went swimming
This summer I might have drowned
But I held my breath and I kicked my feet and I moved my arms around
I moved my arms around

Man, I love this track. Here is a song that is 30+ years old and aging as gracefully as Chuck Norris, who we all know is immortal. Loudon Wainwright is a pretty remarkable man. A cornerstone in the early folk movement, Wainwright is regarded as one of the top musicians/writers of his genre and is proving to the world that his seed can spawn a brand new generation of talented musicians. The banjo in this song, which may remind some of Sufjan, is the perfect compliment to a simple set of lyrics. The use of the line “I’m a self-destructive fool” is brilliant, in fact I’m bewildered as to why this song hasn’t already been used in every indie film from sex, lies, and videotape to Garden State. The world may never know.

Today is the day that makes me two decades old.

Some things that are making me happy around the blog/music scene:

1. It was awesome to wake up and see Connor’s selection of Dog Problem by The Format. Such a great song – and a superb sophomore album. Go ahead and get it before everyone else – we did!

2. The announcing of The Decemberists new CD, The Crane Wife. Not only does the news of an Oct. 3 release make me giddy, but the fact that it’s an LP with 22 songs (some of which are over 10 minutes long) is awesome. The band even said, “This one’s going to be really good, though. Undoubtedly the best thing we’ve done to date. And while that might smack of hyperbole (‘didn’t they say that about the last record?,’ you well may be thinking…), we can guarantee that it, at the very least, will be decidedly above average.”

3. Not working today.

4. Going to eat at the best breakfast institution ever.

5. Sharing my birthday with the first hot air balloon ascent, RFK’s assassination (though not exactly happy about that), the opening of the Suez Canal, and (most importantly) the launch of the first personal computer: Apple II.

Here are few MP3s that make me feel like a teenager again.

[MP3] Andrew BirdFake Palindromes (Live)
[MP3] Rilo KileyTeenage Love Song (2nd Pressing)
[MP3] The ArkThis Piece Of Poetry Is Meant To Do Harm
[MP3] ReedKDSeventeen
[MP3] Elliott SmithThirteen (Chilton Cover)
[MP3] NirvanaSmells Like Teen Spirit (Live)
[MP3] Arctic MonkeysNo Buses
[MP3] Bob DylanForever Young

You think this is the end of a birthday posting? No worries, this was merely a passing though. The iGIF Super Birthday Bash is set to commence.

Dun dun dun.

[MP3] The FormatDog Problems

Don’t you dare speak for someone you don’t know.
They’ll feel it in the back of their throat.
We know I cant construct a poem,
‘Cause words, like girls, get bored and run
C’est la vie, I say “I’ve got so many better things”
I’ve got nothing, you should see me,
I smoke myself to sleep.

And blame postmodern things I cant relate,
Like summer camp and coastal states.
Like alcohol and coffee beans,
Dance floors and magazines.
I think its safe to say “I’ve only got myself to blame”
But boys in swooping haircuts are bringing me down,
Taking pictures of themselves.

And so I walk the web in search of love,
But always seem to end up stuck.
I’m finding flaws in everyone.
I’ve reached the point where all I want,
Is to sleep around in hopes that I will catch back up.
We are parallel lines we’re running in circles,
We’re never meant to cross.

I’m at a loss, you were my tangerine,
My pussycat, my trampoline.
Now alls I gets are wincing cheeks,
And dog problems, I signed a lease.
Thinking my heart belonged at 93rd and park.
Instead I broke a girl’s heart,
And flew back to phoenix to finish the year as it started.

Can you hear me?
Are you listening?
This is the sound of my heart breaking.
And I hope its entertaining,
‘Cause for me its a bitch.
Was it worth it?
When you slept with him?
Did you get it all out of your system?

I am a man
Holding it all.
I could not breathe,
Caught me on the cross,
I didn’t know,
I couldn’t give up!

B is for believing you’d always be here for me.
E is for everything, even when we’d see it though.
C, c is for seeing through you, you are a fake, which brings me to
A because, because, you always run away.

I never finish phrases, I misspell.
Open arms are prison cells.
When I said, “I hate what I’ve become”
I lied, I hated who I was.
So when you start to wonder ’bout the pain in my throat,
Then don’t you ever, no never, ever, speak for someone you don’t know.

I’m not gonna do any lyrical analysis here because I’d say it’s pretty straightforward. BUT straightforward does not mean simple. This is probably the best song of the year so far, both musically and vocally and orchestrally and anything else. There’s so much going on in this song, so many movements and verses and notes, and the great thing is that it’s over 4 minutes and there’s no chorus (only one line is repeated!). The song’s a great story about dealing with a complex, emotional situation (a break-up, or an affair that lead to a break-up, I suppose). If you’ve been there before, you know exactly what he’s talking (singing) about…and what’s amazing is his ability to not only get all of those emotions into words, but to have them follow a complex yet logical format that wraps up perfectly at the end. I recommend listening to the song while reading the lyrics, it’s fun.

PS: How freakin’ Beatley is this song?? It’s great!

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In the midst of trying to juggle working and posting, a combination that can be the demise of entire civilizations, I was reading some news on my favorite TV show: Nip/Tuck.

According to a few sources, McNamara and Troy (or the actors that play them, anyway) are getting hefty raises for the upcoming 4th season. I’d say they deserve it. They both play extremely complex characters perfectly and have such an undeniable on screen chemistry that you sometimes forget they don’t actually wield scrubs and scalpels. For those that aren’t aware – Nip/Tuck’s new season starts September 19 with a Season 3 DVD release slated for August 29.

I also just realized that some of my favorite shows use the greatest music on TV. Both Nip/Tuck and Grey’s Anatomy have soundtracks that are pretty amazing, with Nip/Tuck using artist such as Sufjan Stevens and Sia and Grey’s Anatomy using The Boy Least Likely To and Amos Lee in various episodes. Of course, it helps that they’re both creatively and brilliantly written.

Here are some tunes from the Nip/Tuck soundtrack.

[MP3] The Engine RoomA Perfect Lie (G&D Remix)
[MP3] ChungkingFollowing
[MP3] PoloroidSo Damn Beautiful
[MP3] Erin McKeownCosmopolitans (Tri-Factor Remix)
[MP3] Wax Poetic feat. Norah JonesAngels

My Top 5 Current Shows:

1. Nip/Tuck
2. South Park
3. Grey’s Anatomy
4. The Office
5. Family Guy

If only Buffy, Arrested Development, and Seinfeld were still on… What are your Top 5 Current Shows?