Here is a band, by looks, that surprised me. I mean, a few of their publicity shots, promos, etc. make them out to be some form of a Fall Out Boy type of a band. Don’t get me wrong, I like to hear Dance Dance every other millenia or so but those “types” of bands only seem to entertain for awhile and then fade.

Proving to the skeptics (me) and the rest of the world that they’re not fading, Brandtson have been around for a good while with a handfull of albums and a ton of touring under their belts. They’re newest release, Hello, Control is terrific and sounds like it was recorded with far more energy than their past releases. Gearing further away from their once punky-pop roots and more towards indie-pop, Brandtson is causing some seismic disturbances in the musical realm. Sure, there are still some misses on their latest work but there are far more (danceable, I might add) hits to outweigh the duds.

[MP3] BrandtsonEarthquakes and Sharks (This song is too catchy)
[MP3] BrandtsonHere We Go
[MP3] BrandtsonNobody Dances Anymore

The guitar riff in Earthquake and Sharks reminded me a lot of Modest Mouse, for some reason and Nobody Dances Anymore is a great song, because I don’t know how many parties I’ve been to where people are terrified to start dancing. Abortion? Gay marriage? I appreciate Brandtson tackling the real issues head on. Be sure to catch them on their national tour! I’m pretty sure they want to be your MySpace friend, though I’m only guessing, and would also love for you to buy their new album.

If you haven’t already heard, The Futureheads‘ awesome new album, News and Tributes, hits stores in the U.S. on June 13th! In support of the album, they’re heading on a tour all across the US, the first string of dates with The French Kicks and then a bunch of dates with my boys Tapes ‘n Tapes. Check out this song from their new album:

[MP3] The FutureheadsSkip To The End

Because we love you, each and every one of you, we’re going to alienate all but ONE of you, because we’ve got ONE ticket to give away to the show of your choice listed below (those TnT shows are HOT and will probably sell out). To enter this nifty little contest-aroo, just leave your email address and the show you’d like to attend in the comments section, and I’ll pick a winner at random shortly after. Here are the dates:

15th ˆ Vancouver, BC ˆ Commodore Ballroom
16th ˆ Seattle, WA ˆ Neumos
18th ˆ San Francisco, CA ˆ Fillmore
19th ˆ Los Angeles, CA ˆ Henry Fonda Theatre
23rd ˆ Dallas, TX ˆ Gypsy Ballroom
24th ˆ Austin, TX ˆ La Zona Rosa
26th ˆ Atlanta, GA ˆ The Loft
27th ˆ Carrboro, NC ˆ Cats Cradle
28th ˆ Washington, DC ˆ 9:30 Club
30th ˆ New York, NY ˆ Webster Hall

JULY (w/Tapes N Tapes)
25th ˆ Philadelphia, PA ˆ Starlight Ballroom
26th ˆ Toronto, ONT ˆ Phoenix Theatre
27th ˆ Detroit, MI ˆ Magic Stick
28th ˆ Columbus, OH ˆ Newport Music Hall
30th ˆ Minneapolis, MN ˆ Varsity Theater

2nd ˆ Denver, CO ˆ Bluebird Theater
3rd ˆ Salt Lake City, UT ˆ Club Sound
4th ˆ Las Vegas, NV ˆ Jillians

Buy News and Tributes from Amazon now!

[MP3] SOUND TeamMovie Monster

Something tells me, somthing tells me
That it’s just beginning.
Someone told me, someone told me
Another name you’d given
Somewhere that you tried to leave,
But it wasn’t working.
It was just one of those awkward times
When you run into someone after you’ve said all your goodbyes.

Something tells me there’s no hurray;
We should all just keep on walking.
They had us going for a while there,
But now it isn’t working.
They didn’t want the world toi know the movie monster was mechanical.
The blasting music clears my head and I forget the things you said to me.

We put our hands into the air,
But we don’t need to be delivered.
The old ways are gone but we don’t care;
We’re still connected by gesture.
Everyone already knows the monster was mechanical;
Just one of those awkward times,
You shrug ’cause you guess so,
Something you already know.

When did that feather in your cap turn into a black eye my friend?
I’m gonna be there when you go down.
Diamonds turn back into coals whenever they die.
We’ll run into less and less old friends.

The devil’s always boring me
About the angel that he used to be.
He’d do anything.
I’m gonna be there when you’re going down,
Be there when you’re going down

They didn’t want the world to know the movie monster was mechanical.
The music blasting clears my head and I forget the things you said to me,
Something you already know,
Something you would always say to me.”

Buy SOUND Team’s debut, Movie Monster, now!

I’m really fascinated by these lyrics, and pretty much all of SOUND Team’s lyrics… I’m actually not quite sure what they mean, which is why they’re so intriguing (as long as they do, in fact, have a meaning…unlike Mars Volta, Why?, and…Bob Dylan…that’s right, I said it.) So…any takers?

From RATATAT’s website:

“Thank you all for being so patient. The new album “Classics” is scheduled to hit stores on August 15th.
In the meantime we will release a series of 3 limited edition 12″ vinyl singles featuring tracks from the new album as well as some exclusive b-sides and remixes. The first is scheduled for release in late June.

In addition, Ratatat will be launching a full US tour following the album’s release, starting on 9/5 at the Bowery Ballroom in New York City. Tickets for that show will be on sale as of next wednesday (5/10). The rest of the dates will be announced shortly.”

That’s the most exciting news I’ve heard in a long time! Now when the hell’s that new Explosions album gonna drop??? (EDIT: apparently next Spring…dammit).

[MP3] RATATATNoose (b-side)

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From the Village Voice press release:

“This free, all-day, all-ages, music festival will feature live international, national, local bands and DJs performing on two outdoor stages in historic Coney Island. Now in its sixth year, the Village Voice SIREN MUSIC FESTIVAL™ has solidified its status as a leading outdoor music festival, drawing over 100,000 music fans the past three years, establishing itself as a leader in showcasing indie rock veterans and emerging artists.”

The festival wil run from 12noon to 9PM on Saturday, July 15th. Here are the bands that have been announced so far:


With a line-up like that, I’ll definitely be making the trek, along with probably every NYC blogger. Anyone else going?