Alright. ALRIGHT! I am heading out to Nashville tomorrow to hang out/play retarded drunk games with Greg/Joel from Oh No! Oh My! (and maybe Daniel if he isn’t being stupid) and then… it’s off to Bonnaroo for the weekend. How much fun, right?

This marks the last week of Boannaroo Bound til next year, and I’ve decided to end in a grand ole’ way. Sure, a lot of our Phish phans are familiar with the “super group” Oysterhead that consists of Trey Anastatio, Stewart Copeland, and Les Claypool.

Not to sell the last Bonnaroo Bound installment short, but to put it simply:

“The style and sound of the band is a unique, somewhat bizarre mix between Anastasio’s jam band style, the bass-oriented funk metal music of Claypool, and the reggae-influenced beats of Copeland. To many, this is considered to be the bridge between the music of Phish and Primus.”

Weird combonations, yes? Jamming/crazy/musically satisfying band? Also, yes.

[MP3] OysterheadOz Is Ever Floating
[MP3] OysterheadBirthday Boys
[MP3] OysterheadOwner Of The World

I hope to see you at Bonnaroo this weekend, if not, then I’ll see you next week.

Bonus [MP3] Oh No! Oh My!Fell In Love With A Zombie
Another classic B-Side from drummer Joel of ON! OM!

I’ll make my best efforts to post while visiting Greg Inc. in Nashville and in between Bonnaroo acts, though I make no gurantees. Until then, here is to the best Bonnaroo ever!

*at least one of the best things that shows the most potential. Wait, what is? This dude: Arms. If you think Clap Your Hands Say Yeah and Tapes ‘n Tapes is some hardcore DIY shit, take a look at Todd Goldstein, the man behind the music (he’s also in a super cool band called The Harlem Shakessixeyes and STG like them). He plays nearly all the instruments (guitar, vox, bass, keyboard) and writes all the songs himself, not to mention doing all the recording, mixing, producing, and whatnot a la Devin Davis.

After my little rant the other day about how too many blogs are posting too much music, most of which is sub-spectacular (we’ve even posted on some crap before, in our early days), I’m really trying to weed out what I listen to and post. No more posting the one good song on an album of hit or [mostly] miss tracks, no more plugging bands that are just “ok” (obviously depends on taste)… Music blogs aren’t about hit counting and “getting there first,” they’re about recommending truly great bands/musicians that deserve more exposure. Of everything that I’ve posted on in the last month or so, nothing stands out IMHO as much as Arms (save CWK and a few others), so I’m glad that he can serve as “the one that got [me] out.”

My friend’s been bitching me out for not posting on this soon enough (I’ve known about Arms since April)…so Will, this one’s for you. Honestly, I can’t recommend Arms enough… he’s got that great DIY sound, and he’s got SO much freaking potential…definitely buzz-worthy, not to mention obsession-worthy. Don’t believe me? Listen for youself:

[MP3] ArmsTiger Tamers (highest recommendation)
Listening to this song reminds me of the first time I heard CYHSY and Wolf Parade… At first, you’re like “alright, alright, sounds good…” but then it just builds up, hits that 45 second mark, the guitar and drums come in, and you’re like “holy FUCK, this is good.” You start loving the lyrics, the breaks, the riffs, everything. Then you feel the need to hear it on repeat… before you know it, you can’t get it out of your head! You’re overwhelmed at how great it is, and insanely excited because you’ve found something new. You’re buzzing because you know this is from a freaking DIY, self-released EP… so you know there’s so much more to come. That’s the itch, my friends, that little tickle telling you you’ve got something good here…before you know it you’re salivating over each song, tearing apart every MP3 aggregator you can think of looking for more, and emailing Todd, first asking when the album will be out, then yelling at him to get off his ass and release the damn thing. Intense, eh?

Bonus MP3s (both wickedly recommended, duh):

[MP3] ArmsWhirring
[MP3] ArmsJon The Escalator

If that isn’t cool enough, if you want the CD, all you have to do is email Todd and ask for it! He’ll send you a special package that just might contain this freakingly amazing EP and a nice love letter. How spectacular is that? Show me some love in the comments, you know you want to…

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[MP3] The ClashI’m So Bored With The U.S.A.


[Edit: asshole comment = new MP3]

[MP3] The Boy Least Likely ToFaith (George Michael Cover)

Here is a great band that is really mellow. Perhaps I’m just getting ready for Bonnaroo this weekend, which should also be referred to as “Mellow-roo” because there is no such thing as angry Bonnaroo-goer. Unless Radiohead didn’t show up. Then there would be a many angry Bonnaroo-goers. You could then rename it Riotroo then.

Hotel Lights are a band that thrive on gentle keys, simple guitar riffs, and smooth vocals. I only recently purchased a couple of their albums, only having heard one song prior to my buys. Hotel Lights founder and lead singer, Darren Jesse, started the band after many years of writing songs, playing drums and touring in Ben Folds Five. Drawing heavily from the influence of Nick Drake, Jesse refers to his band (and their name):

“…when you see hotel lights in the distance you feel like ‘yeah, I’m almost there’, but when you stand in the bathroom and turn on the hotel lights, they are fluorescent and you see every scar.”

Smooth words for a smooth band, eh?

[MP3] Hotel LightsA.M. Slow Golden Hit
[MP3] Hotel LightsLet Me Be The One

Buddy up with them on MySpace.
Check out their latest tour along the East Coast.

I was reading yet another Get to Know Your Blogger post over at Muzzle Of Bees, this time for Conor from San Diego Serenade. He had some interesting stuff to say about music blogs that I completely agree with:

” I don’t like the frenetic pace at which artists come and go through the blogs. To me, having constant recommendations for artists, songs, albums, concerts, can sometimes amount to a Boy Who Cried Wolf scenario, as in, if everything is heartily recommended by a blog, how do we know when they are REALLY heartily recommending something, like seriously this time?…I think part of what makes music fun is anticipation and permanence, and blogs, and the internet as a whole, have chipped away at both of these two things.”

I was just thinking the same thing recently…looking at the success of blogs like GvB, it’s interesting to note [Edit: I misspoke]: the infrequency of music-related posts over there..or perhaps the infrequency of posting on (too many) different artists. Maybe GvB’s technique of posting the crap out of one thing for about a month (ie. Sufjan, Beirut, Tapes ‘n Tapes, and Jaymay) really works? Whatever the case, that got me thinking…whatever happened to Jaymay?? Back around November, when IGIF was still in diapers, we made our first and only post on this girl…so did almost every blog. But then, like Mr. San Diego Serenade suggested, she just disappeared off the map.

Jaymay: she’s sexy, talented, and now she’s accomplished. I was randomly checking the top sellers over at Insound and saw that Jaymay’s debut release, a 5 song EP called Sea Green, See Blue was rounding out the list at #23! Listen to these two exclusive tracks from that EP:

[MP3] JaymayGray or Blue
[MP3] JaymaySea Green, See Blue

Buy Sea Green, See Blue EP from Insound for just $5

Bonus MP3s:

[MP3] JaymayThe Letter
[MP3] JaymayWhat Happened