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I’m always on the hunt for insanely great bedroom-pop — the best kind of pop, of course, with dream- and psych- coming in close second and third. It only takes one listen to Portlander Ali Muhareb‘s uplifting “I Will Write A Song” to understand its measure of attention and songcraft.

I’m always intrigued by songs about writing songs. Of course there’s two competing focal points: the narrative, in this case a future promise or challenge or threat to write a song for someone, presumably a love interest, and then there’s the literal practice of writing the song… about the potential of writing a song… about the potential of writing a song… and so forth. I’m sure the paradox isn’t lost on Muhareb, who sings “I will write a song about all the things that you said, maybe then I’ll understand all the things you can’t.” Love it.

More insanely great music at self-described “anxiety laden bedroom pop musician” Ali Muhareb’s Soundcloud page »

A couple months back, Yellerkin released their debut single “Solar Laws” and I was absolutely smitten. The single was infectiously radiant, beguilingly complex, and instantly ear-catching. So of course it was the perfect song to get the video treatment in advance of their upcoming self-titled EP out next month. The video, directed by Nicolas Pesce, puts a different twist on perennial classic Where the Wild Things Are.

The story takes  a decidedly darker twist when after a bit of playful roughhousing goes awry, the boy (played by Yellerkin’s Adrian Galvin) is grieviously wounded by his monster and retaliates.  Which of course sets into motion an epic journey to right his wrong. The boy takes his monster across hill and dale, field and stream; through forests, deserts, beaches, and ghost towns all to undo the damage that he’s caused. It’s downright cinematic and features more than a couple surprises (like Galvin’s incredible dancing). It’s an awesome video that finds the perfect blend between storytelling and band featuring.
Yellerkin’s self-titled EP is out now, stream below:

the acid basic instinct video

The Acid, who have now finally revealed the not-at-all surprising fact that RY X is in the band, just dropped a stunning video for “Basic Instinct” »

Directed by Dugan O’Neal.


Tashaki Miyaki is an LA-based dream-pop trio who seemed to have dropped from a cloudy nowhere as dense as the wondrous atmosphere of their sound itself. The skies cracked open in March of last year with their debut EP and now they open again with the too-chill “Cool Runnings”, a song that feels like a straight-faced, buttoned-up Velvet Underground homage if I’ve ever heard one. You’ll have to try pretty hard not to be moving to this one:

“Cool Runnings” is from an upcoming limited “colored vinyl” 7″ (TBA on what color, but hey, colored vinyl!). Preorder here »

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Considering the band’s been releasing tunes since 2010, it’s more than a little surprising that Los Angeles foursome Incan Abraham‘s debut full length is coming out nearly four years after the release of their first EP. Still, patience is definitely a blessing here as instead of rushing to put out tunes, Incan Abraham have been biding their time and figuring out the formula that works for them. While that’s mainly taken the form of tropical-inspired pop jams, their latest single “Concorde” shelves the tribal beats for something a little bit more commonplace.

That’s not to say that Incan Abraham have suddenly become boring but “Concorde” instead  reels back those balmy vacation reveries to a much more attainable cruising with the top down vibe. Oddly fitting considering the band’s about to head off on their first ever nationwide tour and less fitting when you take into account that is horrifically cold everywhere outside of L.A. But “Concorde”, with it’s sun-dappled sprawl and technicolor melodies, is sure to bring them and all us cold weather sufferers a much needed hint of summery warmth.

Incan Abraham’s debut full length record Tolerance is out April 8th on White Iris. Pre-orders are available now.