francisco the man

I’ve been shredding to this song since we first heard the demo early in the year, and I’m beyond thrilled to share it with everyone I possibly can. Francisco The Man‘s “Big Ideas”, a blisters-on-my-fingers sort of single, the one I always knew these good old boys would produce. Maybe a bit of a conflict of interest, as this is a Small Plates co-release with Fat Possum, but trust me… Just listen, you’ll get it:

Francisco The Man’s debut LP Loose Ends is out October 28th. Preorder (on gorgeous, limited red vinyl) here »

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Here’s the stunning video from Swedish director NEZ of Riff Raff Films for minimalist Lithuanian house artist Ten Walls. If you’re wondering about the flying/diving effect, it’s called Flyboarding and it’s a very real thing.

[H/T Booooooom]

Psychephobia is a new compilation release from UK psych-pop group Velvet Morning. Bands included span the globe, and I’m particularly fond of this woozy bedroom pop jam from Strange Bodies:

“With You” is from Strange Bodies’ 2014 self-titled debut LP, which is available for free download from Bandcamp »

J Fernandez - Memorize Now

To say that we’ve been waiting for new tunes from Chicago bedroom musician turned full fledged psych rock outfit J Fernandez is a bit of an understatement. After seeing them live for the first time at last year’s CMJ, it was the one question everyone seemed to be asking, myself included. A question that finally has an answer. Nearly two years after the re-release of Fernandez’s No Luck and Olympic Village cassette EPs as a double EP via Morning Ritual, Justin Fernandez and company are raring to release their Memorize Now EP.

“Cosmic Was” finds Fernandez at his most groove-conscious and also congruently at his most straightforwardly poppy.  Fernandez’s psychedelic diversions are streamlined a bit in favor of a downright dance-y guitar jangle and buoyant brass licks. The spirit of those old 70s psych bands is alive and well but not exactly imitated which allows the track to clock in at a very radio friendly 3 minutes instead of becoming one of those 10+ minute forever jams. There’s not a heck of a lot Fernandez does to through you off the rather snappy route he draws up but there’s no need to – J Fernandez has you hooked from the second the guitar enters, each other element a piecemeal addition that complements that initial guitar riff without ever displacing it.

J Fernandez’ upcoming Memorize Now EP is out October 14th on France based atelier ciseaux. Preorder for a limited run 12″ is available now.

Ryan Pollie’s gorgeous bedroom pop project sees its debut out 9/2 on 12″ vinyl/digital via Forged Artifacts and cassette on Chill Mega Chill. Preorder it here »