keath mead

Got an email from one Keath Mead who recently recorded an album with help from fellow South Carolinian Chaz Bundick, better known as Toro Y Moi. What follows is a bit unexpected — alabaster-smooth indie pop, simply delivered — but a close listen unveils alien atmospherics hovering just below the song’s superstructure:

Check out a few more at Keath Mead’s soundcloud page »

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You’d think people would build up some sort of tolerance to the fact that Florida seems to be consistently crushing it when it comes to cool, awesome music but here we are. Orlando electronic producer BNGL (pronounced Bengal) quietly dropped an introductory tune by the name of “Seismic Tides” and it’s nothing short of incredible. Part of its allure is in how much of a slow burner it is – reaching out its dream-dusted space-pop tendrils slowly but surely before you realize you’ve been lured right into the middle of its oceanic expanse. It’s also refreshing that it doesn’t rely all that heavily on the persistence and build of heavy beats like producers are wont to do. Instead “Seismic Tides” establishes a rippled melody effect and works outwards from there like solving a puzzle without the corner pieces. “Seismic Tides” is essentially variations on a theme but damn if it’s not an interestingly futuristic take on an idea pretty much as old as music itself.

BNGL has an EP in the works that’ll hopefully soon see the light of day. Here’s hoping.

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Oslo’s DRÅPE (pronounced ‘Draw-peh’, you troglodytes!) are relative newcomers to the shoegaze scene but the Norwegian band are injecting a new energy and excitement into the fading genre. Songs like the recently released “I Keep Falling Asleep” might seem, well, sleepy on the surface but are anything but cumbersome:

DRÅPE’s debut LP, Canicular Days, dropped last year. Listen to more at their soundcloud page »

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Milagres - Violent Light

As the release of Brooklyn foursome Milagres‘ forthcoming full length Violent Light creeps ever closer, we’re getting more gems from what’s rapidly proving itself to be a thoroughly enjoyable effort. On new track “Jeweled Cave”, Milagres still engages in the synth-pop meets glam rock theatrics of “The Letterbomb” but instead of sumptuous canter of the first single, “Jeweled Cave” is a downright poppy gallop. Kyle Wilson elevates a breakup to the level of all out warfare – doling out barbs and neatly violent shouts amid a sea of bending guitar lines and inescapable dancey synth riffs.

Milagres’ upcoming third record Violent Light is out February 25th on Kill Rock Stars. You can pre-order it now.

passenger peru

From Austin’s fledgling label Fleeting Youth Records comes the debut LP from Brooklyn duo Passenger Peru (Justin Stivers, bassist on The Antlers album Hospice, and multi-instrumentalist Justin Gonzales). Recorded from New York to Alaska and back, definitely has that well-traveled vibe. The release’s footnotes describe the album as having the “aural colorings of Brian Wilson and the tribal noise freak-outs of early Animal Collective.”

Where do I sign up?

Passenger Peru is out next Tuesday, 1/28. Preorder here »