Premiere | Dim Peaks: “Slumberland”

August 15, 2013 1 comment

Even though I’m always desperately hugging onto everything summer related as August becomes September, I also tend to look forward […]

MP3 Premiere | Palace: “Callin’ It Quits”

August 6, 2013 0 comments

Missouri, you strange little midwestern state with a thriving music scene and rising tech sector fostered by Fiber fanatics, has […]

MP3 Premiere | Yolke: “Tough Times”

April 11, 2013 2 comments

When a band plops into my inbox claiming to serve “cosmic cheese platters and squelching synth hors d’oeurves”, how can […]

MP3 Premiere | new Saskatchewan: “Possession”

March 27, 2013 4 comments

Saskatchewan kick ass. Part of me just wants to end that post right there because what else do I need […]

Video Premiere | Seatraffic: “Put Away”

January 3, 2013 5 comments

Starting off 2013 right with a new video premiere from San Fran’s synth + percussion duo known as Seatraffic. “Put […]