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It’s pretty much inevitable when you go to a large festival that you won’t see all the bands you meant to and such is certainly the case with Iceland’s テ《geir at SXSW – a musical act I was attracted to based more on name and country of origin than through actual listening habits. That was a huge misstep on part though as if I had made time to listen before my Texas excursion I certainly would’ve made time to see them perform.

The brainchild of singer/songwriterツテ《geir Trausti Einarsson, the band are most likely to draw comparisons to ツSigur Rテウs due to their shared homeland but other than that the similarities end there. WhereツSigur Rテウs are atmospheric and ethereal,ツテ《geir is much more direct; embracing pop conventions but by no means solely defined by them. On In The Silence (the English language version of ツdebut album Dテスrテー テュ dauテーaテセテカgnツand US debut), ツテ《geir manages to create a cohesive collection of songs that elude any concrete genre descriptors incorporating elements of electronica, chamber pop, and folk in good measure without getting bogged down by their inclusion.

“Torrent”, the latest single from his debut, is perhaps the most telling of the band. Surging forth like its namesake, “Torrent” is a deluge of melodic grandeur – from its thundering drums to its piano pop flourishes,ツテ《geir effortlessly invokes wide open expanses with a life-affirming brilliance.ツテ《geir’s vocals are silvery and pristine but there’s no deny they’re elevated by a knack for melodic songcraft – lending them a necessary insistence, a heightened state of drama that renders the track’s 3 minute length tragically brief.

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