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Well there really is no pinning down Brooklyn experimental pop rockers Landlady is there? New single “Dying Day” more or less splits the difference between previous singles “Above My Ground” and “The Globe” while not merely functioning as facsimiles of either/or . While “The Globe” didn’t allow itself to languor in much of itself  or Adam Schatz’s powerfully emotive vocals like “Above My Ground”, “Dying Day” proves that level of soulfulness is achievable at much more rapid pace. While “Above My Ground” aimed right for the heart to galvanize, “Dying Day” is much more focused on your feet – setting those toes tapping with vivacious fervor while still very much hitting home lyrically. Schatz has a truly rare knack for establishing an instant connection through the force of his words – they caress, support, and embrace instead of the normal glancing blow. That the instrumentation around them happens so be so engaging and accessible is part of the appeal but also the gravy on top.  Landlady strikes a chord as the everyman’s gospel; secularly spirit-rousing but no less powerful, articulate in vision but universal in its delivery. If the rest of the track’s from the quintet’s upcoming full length are even half as moving, we’re in for a radical experience indeed.


Landlady’s Upright Behavior is out July 15th on Hometapes. Catch their incredible live show with dates here.

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