Premiere | The Pass: “Be Easy”


Louisville electro-pop outfit The Pass might be known, at least to those who regularly follow them, for their electrifying infusion of technical precision into their pop mastery. Not surprising considering the Louisville-based foursome is composed of ex-jazz musicians and shedding that level of musicianship is nothing short of impossible. While The Pass suffer from no shortage of highly energetic, grandiose hooks and stadium-ready sound, “Be Easy”, the b-side from the third of their four month 7″ collection, proves that that’s not all the band is good at.


“Be Easy” sees the band taking a much deserved chill session, blunting their frenetic edge in favor of smoothly traversed contours. Make no mistake though, The Pass haven’t jumped the shark – not completely. The heady rush of dancefloor-filling synth is dulled but not forgotten. It’s a breezy jaunt that hints at slightly warmer climes and brighter days that’ll hopefully jumpstart Spring but at the very least reminds you that milder days are just on the horizon and The Pass are going to make sure you’re ready to dance those warmer nights away.


“Be Easy” as well as the A side “The Same” is currently available as pre-order bundle with the rest of The Pass’ 7″ singles. You can purchase them here.



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