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Yellow Ostrich

After releasing not one but TWO releases last year (full length Strange Land and the Ghost EP), it seems Brooklyn based indie rock quartet Yellow Ostrich aren’t quite done yet. Early next year (February 25th in fact), Yellow Ostrich will be adding another full length to their rapidly going discography.

“Shades”, from the forthcoming Cosmos, continues to stretch the limits of Yellow Ostrich’s “signature” sound. Gone are the days of the purely poppy days of The Mistress  and on “Shades” in particular, the feeling is far heavier – a sort of prog-rock update with tumble down guitar riffs and sauntering bass grooves while Alex Schaaf’s vocals are firmer, leaner, and even deeper than the boyishness of releases past. Alex Schaaf’s always going to have that higher register but it’s a pleasant surprise that it’s not the only one he’s comfortable flexing.

Yellow Ostrich’s second full length with Barsuk Records Cosmos is out February 25th.

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