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Floridian Emily Reo is set to release her debut LP, Olive Juice, via Elestial Sound (Hundred Waters, Jane Jane Pollack) on 9/3. With songs like the previously released “Happy Birthday” and now “Coast,” it’s quickly becoming one of my most anticipated debuts of 2013.

“Coast” is epic. Epic like seven (+) minutes of magic contained in one track, spliced with gushing synths, broken telephone booth drum machines, gold-flake-paged novella epic. It’s a feel-good track that’s been disemboweled by knife-wielding, blood-spattered butterflies who try to fly despite the strangeness of the outed innards weighing them down. This isn’t so much coasting as it’s bare flesh skidding across pavement, leaving bits of itself embedded on the bubbly black tarmac. A subverted summer single.

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