Listen | Nicole Miglis (Hundred Waters): “Quiet Morning”

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Maybe this crosses the line from obsessive fan to stalker, but what exists in the bowels of Soundcloud can only remain dormant for so long until someone like me discovers it. I suppose that’s pretty close to the “she asked for it” defense [Ed. – Did I really publish that?]. And now tiny shovels throughout the world are making a heave ho motion towards the earth just to show how far of a hole I’m digging for myself, so let’s just begin:

Nicole Miglis and Trayer Tryon, singer and multi-instrumentalists for Hundred Waters, have a diminutive Soundcloud page with a pair of solo tracks from some sort of split non-release. Tryon’s track is a twisting, electronic, earthy song called “Amanogawa” that wouldn’t be too far placed from a Four Tet LP (trying not to use the word folktronica here but it’s pretty apt), while the 100W frontwoman’s is a stunning albeit brief near-a-capella that floats in and out of the stratosphere the way many Hundred Waters tracks do.

For casual fans, it’s a lovely track either way you look at it. But for the obsessives like me, you get a really good sense of the collaborative nature of Hundred Waters’ music. Five immensely talented kids smashing their heads together to see what rich, creative mush falls out. <3

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