Interactive Video | TV Girl: “Girls Like Me”


Interactive music videos should really be the standard, especially if the folks at fourclops have anything to say about it. They’ve done remarkable work in the past, particularly with MNDR’s “Club”, and today they’ve released their latest “social music video” for TV Girl’s “Girl’s Like Me”.

The video is a social collaboration featuring stills from TV Girl friends’ and fans’ Skype calls and, when you connect your Facebook profile, it’ll invite you into the video as well. If you’re confused and intrigued, head over to to being the show.

Shameless plug alert:

The clip prominently features the 7″ record we put out with TV Girl last year on Small Plates (some of which I’m sure were destroyed in the making of the video). The very few that weren’t irreparably damaged are available from Small Plates webstore, so get ‘em while they’re hot before you’ve got to shell out $50 for one on Discogs.

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