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After a few years, countless tour dates and a handful of very promising EPs and demos, Baltimore’s psych-rock titans Secret Mountains finally have a debut LP, Rainer, which dropped just about a month ago via local B-more label Friends Records (Lands & Peoples, Future Islands, etc). Stereogum premiered a full stream of all seven tracks last month, but just in case it got lost in the pre-SXSW shuffle, here’s the title and opening track, “Rainer” »

“Rainer” does a fantastic job introducing the album. There’s its out-of-the-woods intro, with chirping birds and flowing water morphing into guitar static, which gives you an idea of the level of eccentricities and attention to detail given to Rainer‘s composition; its slow, brooding and determined build; the manic instrumental bridges that showcase the band’s live quality; and Kelly Laughlin’s smoldering, fiery vocal delivery. “Rainer” divulges hints towards the treats that follow in the remaining six tracks, that bounce along a psych-rock foundation through dream-pop, post-rock and traditional early 70’s British psychedelia.

Pick up Rainer on vinyl at Friends Records’ shop »

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