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One of our favorite bands over the last couple of years has been Brooklyn’s Caveman. They played our 5 Year Birthday party at Glasslands and last SXSW’s Floating Fest at the Hype Hotel, supporting our favorite album of 2011 (their debut, CoCo Beware). With a new album about to be released, we’re getting new glimpses of how they’ve progressed. You heard “In The City” last month, now here’s “Over My Head” »

My bias says that anything these boys touch turns to gold, and their debut album had its share of lead singles and slow burners, as apparently does the new record, and this one is the latter. “In The City” is the veritable lead single, with sunny hooks and active synths. “Over My Head”, on the other hand, moves to a slower wave, rolling towards the shore with a passive inevitability, one that makes the lyrics, and the way they’re spilled, all the more passionate and compelling. Maybe these are filler tracks to some, but they’re what set Caveman apart from most indie pop bands — the glue that holds the singles together.

Caveman is out April 2nd through Fat Possum. Preorder here »

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