Video | Young Dreams: “First Days of Something”

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Music videos that aren’t cut and paste tied to the music are awesome. Depending the compatablity of your cognition with my own, that statement may make a lot of sense or no sense at all so I’ll try to explain either way. Recently signed Modular artist Young Dreams has put forth a few singles that have traces of vociferous European synth melted into the warm vibes of the sprightly South Pacific. The video below for lead single “First Days of Something” reminds makes me think Young Dreams could be best friends with The Ruby Suns or was a juvenile M83 fasting on Brian Williams in a past life. Either way, the video to this tune is sensational and locks you in from the first few seconds and forces you to become compassionately attached to the visual events unfolding. They even mistreat the actual song for the sake of storytelling and it work so so well, watch:

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