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Youth Lagoon

I wish I could say, “I saw this one coming” but I can’t. I should’ve been able to detect Youth Lagoon was up to something when he dropped his new single “Dropla” on us, a track that’s bigger and bolder than the minimalist-meets-melodic debut LP The Year of Hibernation he dropped in 2011. The latest single, “Mute”, from his new record cemented the exciting concept that is unfettered artist growth. “Mute” is layered, hazy, and dirtily clairvoyant all while being the longest (and perhaps most anthemic) track Trevor Powers has ever created.

So what in THE hell is going to happen on Wondrous Bughouse when it drops? Will this be a Bon Iver type sophomore release, originating from a debut of thoughtful musings with haunting melodies and growing into a throat clearing/hear me roar artist identity? I won’t be mad, if so.

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