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We’ve been an ardent supporter of Brooklyn’s Caveman for quite some time, in fact they’re one of those formed in the beginning blog-to-band relationships that make them feel like a group of IGIF’s crazy cousins. Which reminds me, I need to analyze the our family tree sometime soon because we’ve probably got branches going every which way since 2005. Continuing onward with the theme of “Good God, have we really been doing this for 8 years?”, Caveman have been infecting our ears since playing our fifth anniversary cakeday a few years ago. A few successful singles/tours later, they signed a record deal and are ready to release their self-titled sophomore LP this spring – sharing their first single “In the City” with us right noow:

Caveman – In the City

Rich, rich, rich! We’ve come to expect spot on synth and provocative percussion from Caveman, but they’ve heightened their overall sonic presence with “In the City”. The vocals are strong enough to lead an anthemic track of this nature, one that emits an essence of charred romance.

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