MP3 | Youth Lagoon: “Dropla”

youthlagoon - wondrous bughouse

I’ve never been a huge Youth Lagoon fan but no one with ears could deny how catchy some of his first album’s singles were. So now, on album number two, let’s see what our introverted home-recording maestro is up to now:

Youth Lagoon – Dopla

Go big or go home, I guess. Youth Lagoon’s songs have always been anthemic, but personal, reflective, and fragile. “Dropla” might be the most capital-A Anthemic song Trevor Powers has ever wrote but in the completely opposite way: it’s loud, expansive, commanding and decidedly not about the inner demons of some delicate whimpy kid. The only thing that really remains from his debut record is his voice, which still isn’t going to win any talent shows. But hey, it’s good to see a little hermit crab coming out of his shell and strutting into new territory.

“Dropla” is from the upcoming Wondrous Bughouse, out March 5th on Fat Possum, which should provide 2013 with enough twee for the whole year.

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