MP3 | Pravada: “Campfire Song”

Pravada band

What is it about midwestern rock that’s caught in this filter of an immovable 90s vibes? You’ve got the elderly envelope pushers like Guided By Voices and Slint, but even new-agers like The National and Cloud Nothings have these dark and rough traces (respectively) of the thunderous tunes from 20 years ago (shit, why did I leave Neverland?!). So, maybe that’s why Indianapolis’ Pravada emits a vibe that has an aura of The Pixes fused with Violent Femmes. Pravada is a three-piece made up of former members from Margot and Nuclear So and So’s and “Campfire Song” is a track I can get down with in these early days of 2013.

Pravada – Campfire Song

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