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Mazarin’s album We’re Already There was one of my favorites from 2005, and naturally I was bummed about their break up just one year later. Okay, it was more of a renaming than a break up, after being aggressively challenged by some other Mazarin that no one had ever heard of, but alas I haven’t heard much in the years since… until this morning.

Thanks to Bill Baird pointing this out on his soundcloud page, today I heard a beautiful little song by a band called Light Heat, led by one Quentin Stoltzfus. Something about that name rang a bell, and a quick Google search led me to a post on this very blog from 2006. Quentin Stoltzfus, formerly of Mazarin. My 20-year-old self had sent a message forward in time to my 26-year-old self, and I proceeded to obliterate it with a blunderbuss. Loop closed. All is now right in the world:

Light Heat – And The Birds

What a song! The lovely piano notes, the chord changes, the hooks and harmonies, all brilliant. Gonna be hard to listen to anything else today. “And The Birds” is just about the perfect song to pull you up from the cold floor of winter.

Here’s hoping to a debut LP in 2013…

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