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jagwar ma - the throw

What’s equal parts 70’s psychedelia, 90’s pop and futuremusic? Jagwar Ma‘s latest single, “The Throw” does backflips around the band’s sizable reputation, smashing expectations, breaking hearts, melting minds and undoubtedly ruining a lot of good speakers. Okay, deep breath:

Song of the year contenders don’t come around so forcefully so often, but “The Throw” is another beastly level entirely. At seven minutes, it’s about as epic as a song can get (think the sonic summation of The Odyssey, Fantasia, and Western expansion combined, in song form). It twists and morphs fully about three times through the aforementioned time periods, touching on a variety of sounds and styles while retaining an otherworldliness that unites the whole thing. Now the hunt’s on to find a more impressively scaled, fully realized song than “The Throw” in 2013. GO!

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