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idiot glee - life without jazz ep

Idiot Glee — the stage name of Kentuckian James Friley — has been known to dabble in a modern sort of doo-wop from time to time, so it’s no surprise that new song “Pinkwood”, from his upcoming Life Without Jazz EP, stays faithful to the cause. Take a listen:

I like this. Idiot Glee’s always been good but this takes it to another level, a clearly passionate, soulful one. He’s belting those vocals now, there’s a cheeky falsetto’d call-and-response, and that very cheekiness requires a certain confidence that wasn’t really overflowing on his previous releases. Maybe curbing the buzz machine has done Friley some good, cleared the air around his headspace and allowed him to explore a bit more. “Pinkwood” is a good testament to that prodding, budding confidence, one that can only strengthen his art looking towards the future.

That future starts with the Life Without Jazz EP, out February 26th via Atelier Ciseaux (limited to 350 copies). Preorder the vinyl here »

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