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Philly’s experimental pop musician/producer/failmaster and all around good guy Gracie, is back in 2013 with new EP Bleeder and a 7″, coming out in March on Small Plates, the record label we established with yvynyl in 2010. We heard Bleeder‘s first single “Creature Pleaser” back in July and now we’ve got a new one (and my favorite from the LP) with “Habits” »

A great song from a talented dude who gets better by the day… Of course I’m biased here, but I don’t write about anything I don’t love (even if it’s on the label I’m affiliated with), so I can assure you: I absolutely adore “Habits”. The inventive piano notes and chord changes, Andrew Balasia’s ever-improving vocals, the poignant lyrics and that ridiculous vocal hook… “Habits” the best song he’s written. That vocal hook could go on forever…

Bleeder is out March 12th, with an accompanying 7″ featuring “Habits” and the previously-released “Creature Pleaser”. Pick up the preorder here »

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