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The Lone Bellow

I was never a picky eater growing up. If it was on my plate, I’d try what my second grade teacher called a “No thank you serving” acknowledging the etiquette customs of a Kentucky upbringing. The problem was that my taste buds and stomach had a hyperactive politeness gland that typically turned a serving into a heaping helping. Thank God for a high metabolism and an even higher musical metabolism.

Which brings me to a band like The Lone Bellow, an act that you might think falls outside the standard spectrum of my tastes. After twenty-six years of more “No thank you servings” than I can audibly stomach, the only thing that falls outside of my taste is bad music. The Lone Bellow do not make bad music, at all. The Brooklyn outfit fuse an Americana charm with a billowing gospel revivalist ambiance that could quite literally suck the soul straight out of your eardrums. A little bit o’ rhythmic soul can go a long way, just ask Girls. Check out lead single “You Never Need Nobody”:

The Lone Bellow – You Never Need Nobody

Given the surge in popularity surrounding easily accesible Americana these days, there’s not much standing in the way of this tune from gaining hoards of new listeners in 2013 – especially showcasing a cross-genre appeal similar to Alabama Shakes.

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