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Jack Robert Hardman - Plymouth

About an hour’s drive west of London, in Ascot, lives Jack Robert Hardman, who in his last year has been busy at work self recording his self-titled debut album. “Plymouth” is the lead, an odd choice for a single but no less intriguing than one would hope for as an introduction into who, or what, Jack Robert Hardman is all about.

Jack Robert Hardman – Plymouth

I was completely sold on this track until a little more than halfway through, where by some combination of the mere-exposure effect and the slow build of the thing, adding piano, percussion, synthetic bass, chimes, strings, and the kitchen sink by the song’s end. It’s a wonderful coming-together of elements, even if it lacks a any real verse, chorus or hooks. I don’t really know what I like about “Plymouth” so much, but I know that I do like it, a lot. If Fleet Foxes or Grizzly Bear or Twin Shadow released this song, the whole world would be freaking out.

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