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I disagree with almost 100% of what this kid and his stupid West Coast clique stand for (although props to anyone who can deal with Bethany Cosentino’s bullshit day in day out), but I can’t stop liking the music he puts out. That might make me the worst kind of hypocrite, but then again we should all be able to listen to whatever we want, regardless of whether we identify with the artists creating it.

“Sail To The Sun” is his latest outpouring of brilliantly poetic, definitely super meaningful, straight-from-the-heart, political/cultural/spiritual, life-defining, machine-fighting punk rock. Okay fine, fiinnee, Sid Vicious’s inner demon’s make this kid’s look like RedHots. But either way, “Sail To The Sun” is still pretty awesome:

New album is out in 2013, produced by the dude who most recently made Rihanna another few million. Can’t wait for that Wavves + Katy Perry + Jon Brion + Best Coast’s Fucking Cat collaboration… SOTY contender for 2013 already!

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