Listen | Bowmont: “Ruphmiup”

Here’s a new track from a new band that I’m beyond stoked to hear more from. Bowmont started as sort-of solo/side project of Mon Khmer, but has since expanded to a full lineup with an EP releasing early next year. I’m not a big Mon Khmer supporter but the sounds of Bowmont are something I can get behind.. easily! You need to spin “Ruphmiup” ASAP, it’s got smooth vocals, driving melodies, and they play with a seemingly indecisive percussionist who adds some surprising rhymthic elements into the track. Oh, and the song builds and bends in a way that’s both progressive and punctual.

First listen: Ok, that was pretty interesting and original.
Second listen: I’m really liking what’s going on here.
Third listen: Annnd, I’m back again. Jamz!
MOAR LISTENS: (In the voice of Breaking Bad’s Jesse) REPLAY VALUE, BITCHES!

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