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2012 songs

This year was much more of a songs year for us… probably having more to do with our listening habits than any lack of noteworthy albums (there are plenty) or any ominous “death of the album” that’s been prophesied for at least a half decade now. Nope… We’re just a songs blog, by and large. We listen almost exclusively to songs from new bands we’re considering writing about. So hopefully this list will open your ears to some great songs you may have missed and reinforce the awesomeness of the ones you already know and love:

50 – 31

50. Machinedrum

"What U Wanted 2 Feel"

from Nastyfuckk EP

49. Chromatics

"Kill For Love"

from Kill For Love

48. Turtle Giant

"We Were Kids"

from All Hidden Places EP

47. Sam Flax

"Child Of Glass"

from Age Waves

46. The Walkmen

"We Can’t Be Beat"

from Heaven

45. Giovanni James


44. Princess Music

"White Wave"

43. TV Girl

"It Evaporates"

from The Wild, The Innocent, The TV Shuffle

42. Black Marble

"A Great Design"

from A Different Arrangement

41. Andrew Bird

"Danse Carribe"

from Break It Yourself

40. alt-J (∆)


from An Awesome Wave

39. JRG

"Why Are You Always In My Dreams?"

from The Dreamers’ EP

37. Bowmont


from Euphorian Age EP

36. Dirty Projectors

"Offspring Are Blank"

from Swing Lo Magellan

35. Conveyor


from Conveyor

34. Night Panther


33. Fantasy Island

"Breaking A Heart"

32. Lower Dens


from Nootropics

31. Sylver Tongue

"Hook You Up"

from Something Big EP

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