MP3 | The Little Ones: “Argonauts”

Nostalgia must be stronger than passionate indifference (which I’m convinced, you know, is a thing), because here I am bouncing around like an idiot to a song that sounds like something I would normally loathe in 2012. So, what the what? It’s from The Little Ones, and I was literally — just yesterday — earwaxing nostalgic to my old iTunes library, just around IGIF’s first full year as a blog in 2006. “Lovers Who Uncover” popped on the stereo and I was whisked away on the back of that dog from Fantasia, just as I had predicted.

And so The Little Ones are back with their second album in six years of trying, and they have a first single »

The Little Ones – Argonauts

It’s nice to see they’re still creating instantly likable pop music, with a creative spark (chopped up vocal melodies and frenetic synths) prevalent enough to make it interesting. It’s not my go-to sound of 2012 (by a long shot) but something just woke up the spontaneous 20 year old drug and/or risk taker in me from 2006 and, as many a college friend will tell you, he’s difficult to shake off.

The Dawn Sang Along comes out in February 2013 via the Branches Recording Collective.

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