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These Brooklyn newcomers hooked me (and a lot of you) with the cheekily titled “Nostalgia”, and now Lazyeyes deliver the better of the two songs in “Wait”, also off of the band’s upcoming debut four-track EP:

“Nostalgia” felt like exactly that, with jaded guitar strumming and melancholic oohs and aahs drenched in a warm reverby blanket recalling bittersweet memories of the past. “Wait” still has the reverb and the delectable vocal harmonies, but the guitars and percussion are much more active, making this sort of a shoegaze / garage rock hybrid, one that’s both so-hot-right-now (i.e. take a stroll in Williamsburg and you’ll trip over at least three of these bands in as many minutes), yet it’s always welcomed around these blogparts. It just sounds too good for me to ruin with some highbrow scrutiny attempt. So just listen, absorb, like or don’t like, and carry on. They’re two-for-two in my book.

No word yet when the EP will drop, but I’m guessing… soon, at least digitally. We’ll keep you posted.

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