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When a band’s soundcloud suddenly vanishes from the ‘net, and old videos removed from YouTube, something’s clearly afoot. That something, in this case, turned out for the moment to be Fantasy Island‘s debut EP, FI. It remains to be seen if this is an album precursor of some kind (I personally know two labels and two management groups that have been chomping at the bit for a while now), but for now, listen up and listen good:

I can’t really described how hot on these guys I am. That circus soul sound is really all their own, and for all its weirdness and terrible-for-a-party quality, I just can’t stop listening. My music is more important than my friends’ desire to not listen to my music. So fuck them.

If this is your first rendezvous with Fantasy Island, I suggest checking out “Avenue” and “Evergreen”, and the video for “Breaking A Heart”. Those are some truly fantastic songs, and perhaps better introductions to the band than the more experimental EP above.

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