MP3 | Hello Caller: “We Caught Fire” (Premiere)

Do you remember when Saddle Creek Records was a powerhouse? Or, perhaps they still are and I just grew up. Or, perhaps they never were and my perception of a record powerhouse was skewed in my youth. As a collective unit, that label had quite the sound nailed down that was appealing but seemed to really target a specific set of ears. It was an earthy, emotional appeal with just the right amount of angst and Americana fused together that really hit home on my (then) quickly developing juvenile eardrums. Austin’s Hello Caller has that same tornado alley sound that surged in the late 90s/early 00s, except with more of the textured instrumentation and baroque pop sound you hear in acts today like Grizzly Bear and Beirut. With strings, brass, accessible melodies, and vocal wallowing – “We Caught Fire” is a fun new song from a new band best set upon old ears.

Check out more tunes from the band here.

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