Listen | Teen Daze: “By Love” (IGIF Premiere)

For all the chillwave that was thrown at the wall after Washed Out, Neon Indian and Toro Y Moi, very few of it really stuck. There are some exceptions, whether by social-media blitzing, or lowest-common-denominator pandering, but Teen Daze is and has always been about showcasing the immense musical talent he possesses. And now that he’s more or less left chillwave by the wayside, his creative output is stronger for it, and he’s convinced quite a few people he’s capable of much, much more.

“By Love” is immediately contemplative. The sort of minimalism that made Four Tet’s Rounds such a great album. It’s not going to send you to the dance floor (as anyone who’s had the pleasure of seeing Teen Daze live knows is also in his skill set), but rather it’s one to reflect upon, to let wash over you, a passive soundtrack to whatever your doing. Need I say it’s perfect for a Hurricane Sandy playlist? or more broadly, a Fall playlist?

Teen Daze’s newest album, The Inner Mansions, drops Election Day (November 6th) via Lefse.

(note to self, make Fall playlist)

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