MP3 | Levek: “Girl In The Fog”

Our little love affair with Levek continues with “Girl In The Fog”, the third single from his upcoming Lefse debut Look A Little Closer, that sees him returning to the sound and style of the laptop-recorded demos we first heard almost three years ago.

Levek – Girl In The Fog

If there was going to be someone to finally provide the Donovan / Harry Nilsson collaboration that never existed, I always had David Levesque pegged as the man for the job. “Girl In The Fog” is a 180 degree shift in what we’ve come to expect from Levek over the years, trading the multi-layered multi-instrumental funk-pop of late for an elegantly honest sleeper of a song that stuns in its simplicity. There’s hardly anything at all distorting the relationship between artist and listener here: Levek’s hush vocals and feather-light finger plucking on one side of his mic, and our ears absorbing it all on the other side of our speakers. Imagine an intimate, perhaps sparsely attended coffee shop performance, with friends slouched over in big comfortable chairs, taking in the delicacy of the notes and immediacy of the moment.

I’m never going to grow tired of music like this.

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