MP3 | Night Panther: “Fever”

Philly sex pop troupe Night Panther continue their shenanigans with “Fever” and bring everything — steam, sweat, falsettos and, of course, temperature — to a new level:

Night Panther – Fever

“Feeeeeeeeeveeer!” What a voice! If “Snudge” is a wise man’s warning sound, an adulter’s plea to think with your upper head (or at least a tepid combination of both), “Fever” is what gets us into the forewarned trouble in the first place. I imagine our narrator dance walking towards an anonymous, unattainable temptress, expressing his insatiable desire through childish tantrums and face-fanning, collar-pulling frustration. The woman balks, “Stand up and be a man!” And while the ending is up for interpretation, it’s good to remember that our failures are sometimes our most teachable moments. — Connor’s upper head.

“Is this a song about fuckin’? This is awesome.” — Connor’s “other half.”

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